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AVG Internet Security 2022 | Windows | Mac | Android 1 Device 1 year

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Product information "AVG Internet Security 2022 | Windows | Mac | Android"

Buy AVG Internet Security 2022 - secure your security solution with us

Even a short visit to a compromised website may be enough and a Trojan or malware installs itself in the background without the user noticing. The dangers on the Internet or in general work with modern technology are more extensive today than ever before and the risk is constantly increasing due to new ideas. However, with the help of modern security software, you don't have to worry anymore, for example, buy a cheap license for AVG Internet Security 2022 from our online store. We will be happy to advise you in advance and support you if you have any questions or requests, and we look forward to your purchase.

Modern technologies and features provide AVG Internet Security 2022 with optimal protection

Technically, the AVG Internet Security 2022 software is state-of-the-art, and by purchasing it, you are choosing the latest version. Accordingly, the program ensures a particularly high detection rate, while at the same time offering very practical and attractive features that you may use in everyday life at any time. Thanks to a real-time scan of all activities on your own system, you are always on the safe side thanks to AVG Internet Security 2022, and you no longer have to worry about personal data.

Of course, the manufacturers of AVG take care to detect all common and different threats that exist today for modern technologies. Besides the already known malware, simple Trojans or classic viruses, you don't have to worry about complex threats anymore if you trust in the AVG Internet Security 2022 program. This applies, for example, to so-called brute force attacks. With the new AI detection and CyberCapture feature, the software more than significantly increases security. Rely on proactive identification of different malware patterns, so that even the latest threats no longer pose a threat. Uploading completely new threats for analysis purposes also helps protect your computer. So, with the help of modern technology, AVG Internet Security 2022 program detects even the latest threats with absolute ease and protects your computer to the best of its ability.

Many other security features are also freely available and will help if you trust the AVG Internet Security 2022 solution. Especially when using the Internet, although there are many possibilities that can make your everyday life easier, many different dangers also arise here. For example, attempted links or attachments get directly to your computer via email and can cause a lot of damage if you open them. That's why you should use the handy scanning function of AVG Internet Security 2022 software, which takes a close look at your messages, the attachments and also the links and detects the vulnerabilities immediately. Dangerous attachments in messages are even blocked directly, so that they cannot tempt you to open them in the first place. The practical web protection also takes a close look at planned downloads and helps to detect hidden malware immediately. With the WLAN Guard, you are always particularly safe on the move, even in wireless networks. In case of unprotected and insecure connections, you as a user will immediately receive a notification and can react quickly accordingly.

Thanks to many other functions, the AVG Internet Security 2022 software raises security in your everyday life to an even higher level. Among other things, you can use an advanced firewall to prevent hackers from gaining access to your data and photos. Protection against ransomware is also included and is more important today than ever before. After all, once ransomware successfully gets onto your computer, many files are encrypted in such a way that you can usually only get them back against payment. To avoid financial loss or such a threat, the AVG Internet Security 2022 program protects your content. For this, as a user, you can easily define which programs on the computer are allowed to make changes to the files or delete them. In addition, block further threats by simply blocking apps so that they can no longer interpret your data.

The option to safely remove unwanted installations in the browser is also particularly important. Because even today, so-called toolbars often install themselves as well. These not only slow down the browser significantly, but can also become a real danger. By reading out sensitive data, for example, the information very quickly gets into the wrong hands. With AVG Internet Security 2022 software, you can remove the unwanted programs directly from the computer in just a few simple steps and get back to working safely and effectively. The software is very easy to use and you can always count on good performance.

Customize the license of AVG Internet Security 2022 to your individual needs

To use the AVG Internet Security 2022 software, you will of course need an appropriate license. You can get it at a reasonable price in our BestSoftware online store. The offers are always a so-called runtime license. Use this to be able to use all features and tools of the software over a previously known period of time. Usually it is a term of one year, but alternatively longer versions are no problem at all.

However, the difference between single and multiple licenses is particularly important. In principle, the AVG Internet Security 2022 program supports many different platforms, which means that it can be used on more than just Windows. Suitable programs are also freely available for macOS as well as for tablets and mobile devices, which can significantly increase your security in everyday life. However, when buying a cheap single license, it is only suitable for Windows, although of course the new versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 are also supported. However, if you want to use the numerous features of AVG Internet Security 2022 on the other platforms as well, we recommend you to grab the license for three, five or ten devices.

Protect your privacy in everyday life very effectively thanks to AVG Internet Security 2022

Reports about data leaks or hacked computers are unfortunately anything but rare nowadays. However, privacy should also play an important role, especially when surfing the Internet. The AVG Internet Security 2022 program supports you here to the best of its ability and helps to protect your personal data and information as effectively as possible. For example, you can use the integrated webcam protection. The solution directly and reliably prevents unauthorized access to the camera and the associated spying on you directly on site. Whether it's a notebook, smartphone or computer, you no longer need to worry about this point thanks to AVG Internet Security 2022. Untrusted apps have to ask for confirmation or permission each time before they can access the camera on your computer. And if you want to delete your personal data as safely and effectively as possible, the AVG Internet Security 2022 program is also available for you. The data shredder removes all sensitive and important data that you no longer need from your hard drive in a particularly thorough manner. Accidental or even unauthorized recovery is thus no longer possible and your data is destroyed for good.

Buy a license now - AVG Internet Security 2022 at BestSoftware

Surf from now on particularly safe and rely on the modern techniques of AVG Internet Security 2022. A license for use is available cheaply in our online store, so at BestSoftware you will certainly find quickly. At the same time, we will convince you with our particularly fast delivery of the key via e-mail, because with a delivery time of maximum 30 minutes, you will not have to wait long for the application in everyday life. A top customer service is also available for you at any time. If you have any questions about the products or problems with the activation of AVG Internet Security 2022, contact us directly and get advice on the phone, in live chat or classically via e-mail. Of course, with AVG Ultimate 2022 or AVG TuneUp 2022, there are also other software solutions for the effective use of the computer, which you can buy without any problems for a small price.


Important ! 

1 devices versions only valid for Windows systems

3 devices, 5 devices and 10 devices Multi Device, valid for macOS, Windows, tablet and mobile devices

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