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BullGuard Internet Security 2022 | Windows / Mac 1 Device 1 year

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Product information "BullGuard Internet Security 2022 | Windows / Mac"

Buy BullGuard Internet Security 2022 - secure the latest security software very cheaply

With the BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software, the manufacturer has presented the latest variant. Here the user can once again expect many techniques and advantages for a safe use of the computer in everyday life and attractive innovations. Rely on machine learning, among other things, so that the program can respond to the latest threats with ease. Also back are the very simple operation, support for different platforms and very good performance. So feel free to take advantage of the attractive offers here at BestSoftware now and order the desired BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software directly from home. After a maximum of 30 minutes, the key will be available in your mailbox, as we deliver by e-mail.

Multi-level protection and machine learning - you have never been so well protected in everyday life

BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software once again gives its all to provide you with the best protection in your everyday life. Rely on multi-level protection and machine learning, thanks to which all threats can be detected with ease. So the days when a virus scanner simply relied on a large database are now well and truly over. Among other things, this is made possible by collaboration with the cloud. In the event of a potential threat, BullGuard Internet Security 2022 uses the full power of the cloud to identify the danger and then take appropriate action.

In doing so, BullGuard Internet Security 2022's scanner is always active and in top shape. The manufacturer combines all common techniques to enable a particularly high detection rate. Of course, the classic virus scanner for normal threats should not be missing, but the same applies to the behavior-based Sentry engine. This is important in the fight against complex threats, such as zero-day. The technology detects suspicious behavior immediately and reacts within the shortest possible time to avert the threats and allow safe use of the computer. Incidentally, the complex techniques work not only when there is a constant connection to the Internet, but also in general. Thus, the maximum protection of BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software leaves nothing to be desired.

However, of great importance for a high level of security on your own computer is also the integrated firewall. This keeps an eye on your network and all activities in it and quickly detects dangerous or potentially harmful behavior. Of course, the firewall is constantly acting in the background, preventing the unauthorized transfer of files to your hard drive or away from your computer. When a connection is requested, you always have to confirm it first, but of course this can be done with just one click.

Finally, the vulnerability scanner ensures maximum protection on your computer. This is because there are often security vulnerabilities that make it much easier for criminals to access your data. By finding the vulnerabilities directly and closing them easily, thanks to BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software, you make this much more difficult. At the same time, the scanner works in many different places, including checking all installations and drivers or taking a very close look at the connected networks.

The additional features make BullGuard Internet Security 2022 even more attractive

However, the BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software is not only responsible for simple protection, but also convinces with many other features and functions when you take a closer look. This applies, for example, to an integrated parental control. With the software installed, you can calmly leave your computer in the hands of your children and still not have to worry or worry around security. Block the unwanted and unsuitable content with a simple click and also easily specify how long and how the technology may be used. Besides blocking the content on the web, you can also block programs installed on the computer so that they cannot be used without prior approval. Besides, you'll always keep track of the activities on the computer, since they can be easily tracked.

BullGuard Internet Security 2022 also includes the Secure Browser. This has been specially developed and puts secure surfing at the center of attention. This is not only true for simple surfing, but also for payments via online banking or shopping in the well-known stores. For many of the otherwise common activities, you must first provide confirmation when using the browser, so that cookies, plugins or extensions, for example, may be stored on the computer. Unwanted content will thus by no means find its way directly onto your hard drive. Of course, all the usual features and functions for comfortable and safe surfing on the Internet should not be missing either. For example, you can rely on a special address bar with corresponding suggestions or links to the most frequently visited pages.

Incidentally, the license for using the BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software is a so-called runtime license. During the agreed time, the manufacturer of the program always provides you with free and automatic updates. If you have any problems or questions with the popular solution, you can also rely on competent support. This support is available via live chat and will assist you when problems arise.

Even today, many users are still concerned about the performance on their home computers. In fact, older security solutions often led to a massive loss of performance. In the meantime, however, this no longer applies to most programs, and with BullGuard Internet Security 2022 you can rely on continued very good performance on the computer. Thanks to significantly better resource management and smaller file sizes, the manufacturer has been able to improve on its great success from 2021 and now offers an even more powerful version in 2022, which can even function excellently on older devices. And should you ever want more performance while using the BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software, for example when gaming, simply activate the integrated Game Booster. This adds extra capacity for the best and most consistent results, and now includes even more support for the so-called anti-cheat engines. With BullGuard Internet Security 2022, nothing stands in the way of unlimited and undisturbed gaming on the computer.

Of course, BullGuard Internet Security 2022 does not lack support for different platforms

You, too, are certainly one of those people who are not only on the Internet on their home computer or with their notebook at their desk. Smartphones and tablets have become permanent companions in the everyday lives of many people, offering practical benefits and suitable apps for almost every occasion. However, the topic of security also plays a very important role here, because criminals are focusing more and more on mobile devices due to the corresponding spread. Therefore, you should rely on the BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software, which provides perfect support for the smartphones and tablets of the current generation.

You can easily download the app from Google Play Store or Apple's AppStore. In addition to basic protection against dangerous files, the solution for Android in particular convinces with many other advantages and features. For example, it includes a practical anti-theft feature. This takes effect in the event of loss and helps locate the device or lock it remotely. The criminals thus no longer have access to the corresponding data found on the smartphone. Thanks to the integration of the cloud, you secure all personal and important data particularly effectively when using the BullGuard Internet Security 2022 mobile solution by simply transferring it to the free online storage. You'll benefit from direct access from anywhere in the world and enjoy the best protection. With an integrated parental control, you can also leave your smartphone or tablet in the hands of your children with a clear conscience. Again, block the unwanted and inappropriate content on the Internet or block individual apps so that they can no longer be opened.

Buy BullGuard Internet Security 2022 now at a low price and work comprehensively protected

We recommend that you purchase a cheap license for the BullGuard Internet Security 2022 software now, so that you too can benefit from the comprehensive protection and the many new technologies in everyday life. Of course, you will quickly find the popular solution for your everyday life in our BestSoftware online store. With the help of favorable conditions and low prices, we also make ordering especially lucrative for you and help you save money. If you have any questions or problems with the activation of the new software, we will be happy to help you as well. In such a case, you can rely on the perfect support of our experienced customer service, who will be happy to assist you via live chat, e-mail or hotline. Feel free to take another look at the other software products from BullGuard, for example BullGuard Internet Security 2022 or BullGuard Premium Protection, which offer either an inexpensive start or even more features for your daily work.


System requirements - BullGuard Internet Security 2022
Operating systems   

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

MacOS El Capitan (10.11) and higher

Android tablets and smartphones, Android 5.0 and higher

RAM At least 1 GB RAM
Hard drive space 850 MB free hard disk space
Internet connection Internet connection: At least dial-up connection
(for more detailed information, please contact the manufacturer)
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