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BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 | Windows / Mac 5 Devices 1 year

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  • BS-11201
  • Multilingual
  • 5 devices
  • 1 year
  • Worldwide
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Product information "BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 | Windows / Mac"

Buy cheap licenses for BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 and work fully protected

You can get cheap licenses for BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 here in the BestSoftware online store. Secure your key for the current version of the popular security software and benefit directly from the numerous changes and innovations that the program brings to your everyday life. Last but not least, the very simple operation, effective use and many features make the all-round solution a particularly popular choice among many consumers. The BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 program is ideal for users with high demands, who no longer want to do without many features. We look forward to your order in our online store.

Rely on many modern techniques when using BullGuard Premium Protection 2022

The BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 software relies on many techniques and different levels for maximum protection on the computer, notebook or mobile devices. These allow detecting and fighting all common threats on the computer. Not only the simple malware or Trojans are detected reliably as well as directly, but also all complex threats. The construct for more security does not only consist of a simple virus scanner, although of course this is also included. The scanner fights on the front lines and relies on comprehensive databases to detect threats and dangerous files in real time.

However, there are also complex attacks that immediately exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system, for example. The so-called brute-force or zero-day attacks have recently increased significantly. However, with intelligent techniques and behavior-based detection, BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 software finds even these threats on all different endpoints with absolute ease. No databases are used for this, the modern techniques rather focus on the typical behavior of such threats. In case of suspicion, an immediate intervention takes place and your computer is safe again.

To ensure that new threats can always be detected directly, BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 also relies on the powerful cloud. Here you benefit from enormous computing power. This takes a very close look at the relevant points and characteristics of potentially dangerous software and determines the digital fingerprint. With this, potential and new malware can be immediately identified and then securely deleted. In this case, you no longer have to worry about the security of your computer.

The integrated firewall is also important for the secure use of modern devices. This monitors the incoming network traffic on your computer and detects suspicious behavior. If the criminals try to establish a connection unnoticed, the firewall can react quickly and accommodate this behavior with targeted measures. All incoming and outgoing connections on the network must first be authorized by you, the user of the computer, before they can take place. If necessary, this can be done with a single click, so the necessary comfort when using the computer hardly suffers from these restrictions.

Additional minor features further increase the security of using your computer with BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 software installed. This is true, for example, through the integrated pishing protection. Pishing attempts have been on the rise in recent months and years and are carried out, for example, via corresponding emails or even social networks. The target is basically always your personal data, which is to be tapped via various ways. BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 software immediately detects such attempts and blocks the transfer of your information. The effective protection against ransomware, which is deeply embedded in the system and is also used very often, also maintains the necessary protection over your data. This is because the ransomware, if successful, encrypts your files on the hard drive and only releases them after paying a ransom, if at all. In the worst case, your information and hard drives are even irrevocably lost. Therefore, rely on BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 software, which can ensure good protection against all common threats and dangers.

A brief overview - these other features await you with BullGuard Premium Protection 2022

The great strengths of the BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 software include not only the very high level of security, but also the attractive and diverse additional features. For example, you can use an integrated PC optimization to achieve significantly more performance on the PC again. Among other things, files that are no longer needed are deleted, the hard disk is then no longer so full and performance increases significantly. Incidentally, the manufacturer generally promises you very good performance when you use the BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 solution. The years of experience are probably very clearly noticeable here. This in particular makes the offer very suitable for older systems and weaker hardware. The integrated Game Mode should also prove to be very practical. Activate it with just one click to make the computer's full performance available for complex work. Of course, the mode can also be closed with one click to return to the normal state. However, thanks to the comprehensive optimization, you should not notice any differences here either; despite the comprehensive protection provided by BullGuard Premium Protection 2022, you can work without any problems.

You will also like to use the integrated parental control in everyday life. With this you block unsuitable content on the Internet or you block individual programs on your computer. Of course, if you need to, you can keep track of your children's usage activities or set the maximum possible screen time by using the parental controls from BullGuard Premium Protection 2022.

For safe everyday browsing, use the security browser, which is one of the great benefits of the BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 solution. This one brings the movements on the Internet to a whole new level of security. For example, cookies, plugins or extensions are only secured on the computer after explicit permission. The comfort of a normal browser and, of course, a high loading speed must not be missing either.

Finally, you can also use the vulnerability scanner to have your system closely examined with BullGuard Premium Protection 2022. The program takes a close look at many different places and detects security vulnerabilities. Whether it's outdated drivers, installations without certification or a connection to an unsecured WLAN network, you'll receive a direct notification in all cases and can thus take corrective action.

Secure all devices in the home effectively thanks to BullGuard Premium Protection 2022

However, the BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 software is not only suitable for use on a classic computer or notebook, although the perfect conditions for this are of course included. Because the current version from 2022 supports of course the current systems Windows 11 and Windows 10, a perfect compatibility is therefore always given.

But the possibilities for using all the features of BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 extend to many more devices. This also meets the demands and needs of customers, because everyday work is becoming increasingly mobile. In addition to powerful notebooks, practical tablets are also on the move, and the smartphone has become an indispensable companion in many areas for several years now. Since sensitive files can now also be found on corresponding devices, especially the mobile solutions increasingly in the focus of criminals. The BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 program therefore also provides you with free apps as a supplement to the normal software for Windows or macOS. These can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, for example, and easily installed on your device. In all cases, you benefit from a good protection against the common dangers in everyday life. However, especially on Android, many more features and tools are available to you, including a lock for different apps, which is integrated in the practical parental control. So if you want to make your smartphone or tablet available for your child as well, the app is a good support.

But even in case of theft or loss, you are on the absolutely safe side as long as you have the BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 app installed on your smartphone or tablet. With it, you can easily lock your device remotely, making it impossible to access your personal data. At the same time, so that you don't lose all your files, the BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 app is connected to the cloud and offers you the possibility of particularly simple and very fast backups in everyday life. Even in case of loss, you'll still be able to access your photos or your documents.

By the way: When you buy a license for BullGuard Premium Protection 2022, it is always a runtime license. This is of great importance for the regular updates. You get new features or more security thanks to the automatic installation of updates during the entire term, which is usually one or two years. 

You can also get your license for BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 at a low price at BestSoftware

All customers looking for low-priced licenses for popular and up-to-date software products have come to the right place at BestSoftware. Here, however, you will not only benefit from low prices, but also from many other attractive advantages. Among other things, you can rely on a fast delivery of the key within a maximum of 30 minutes, the transmission takes place via e-mail. Long waiting times are therefore completely eliminated. In addition, we focus on the best customer service, so that no questions arise here. Our experienced experts and employees are available to you via e-mail, hotline or even in the practical live chat. Benefit from a quick response to your inquiries and rely on the fast service. In addition, BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 and BullGuard Antivirus 2022 are other attractive products available at BestSoftware, which you can buy very easily and very cheaply. Whether BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 or one of the attractive alternatives from our range, shopping at BestSoftware is always worthwhile for you as a consumer.

System requirements - BullGuard Internet Security 2021
Operating systems   

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

MacOS El Capitan (10.11) and higher

Android tablets and smartphones, Android 5.0 and higher

RAM At least 1 GB RAM
Hard drive space 850 MB free hard disk space
Internet connection Internet connection: At least dial-up connection
(for more detailed information please contact the manufacturer)



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