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Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 8

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Product information "Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 8"

The 3D house planner with the maximum view and practical help!

Would you like to plan your house on your PC in peace and quiet? Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture is the convenient drawing program for everyone who wants to turn their visions into reality! With the step-by-step wizard, you'll get your first results quickly and easily. Thanks to 2D, 3D and cross-section overviews, you will always be aware of the status of your project. Recognize immediately what is missing and where you still have to make changes in your planning! The program helps you to recognize these weak points and bottlenecks! Whether you are building a house, remodeling or just furnishing - see in advance how it will look later! Use the 3D house planner, which really helps you!

New: Calculation of volume, dimensioning for doors and foundation calculation
Easily get information about terrain elements, their surface, volume and excavation. For example, you can calculate the amount of earth needed to fill up a bed. For windows and doors, there is now a possibility to show dimensions for individual elements in 2D plan views. Perfect your floor plans by an important factor! As a new component type there is now the foundation, even in the versions single foundations, strip foundations and floor slab. With the practical evaluation, the excavation or the volume can be calculated from the fume cupboard here as well!

New: Align projects better, open 3D doors and more window objects
With the new options "View from the side" and "View from the top" the alignment and therefore the viewing becomes easier and more comfortable. Look forward to representations that correspond exactly to the selected function! The special thing about the 3D view is how expressive and lifelike it appears. Open doors make rooms even more variable, lifelike, and especially simply more beautiful when you walk through them. You can even determine the opening angle of the doors yourself! With the new Ashampoo 3D CAD the design of interiors becomes even more variable and realistic. For example, create your designs with shutters and blinds for all common window formats and let them open differently for even more realism!

New in Ashampoo® 3D CAD Architecture 8
 Exact evaluation of excavation and surfaces of terrain elements
✔ Dimensions for windows and doors in 2D plan views
 Foundation calculation
 align 3D views better
 Display doors open in 3D
 More than 650 new 3D shutters, blinds, heaters, etc.
 New measurement variant: measure over polygon with text
✔ Windows and doors no longer shift when the length of the wall changes

Photovoltaics - for on-roof and flat-roof systems
The design of photovoltaic systems must not be forgotten in good project planning. In the case of flat roof systems, you first work on the basis of installation areas. Within these areas you can define areas where no modules may be installed. Then you place the entire system in the defined area with just two mouse clicks. You can change distances between rows, rotate them as desired or align them manually - everything for perfect pre-planning!

Powerful area evaluation
By popular demand, we have integrated additional area evaluations and suitable output templates for them. In addition to the output of pure living areas, numerous other area evaluations are now available: Floor areas, wall and ceiling areas, facade areas and much more. The output of all facade areas is also conveniently possible as PDF, RTF or Excel file! Window position lists are just as easy to realize.

Mirror objects easily
Two tools are available for mirroring elements such as 3D objects and 2D symbols. Mirroring can be done at any axis or at the center of the object. Mirroring also works with multiple selections of the same element types, which can save a lot of time! Working with CAD can hardly be more flexible!

Unmatched efficiency
With the clearly arranged, thematically structured user interface, every function is only a mouse click away. All control elements are logically arranged and quickly accessible. You can choose whether you want to use a classic toolbar or a modern tab view familiar from Microsoft Office products.

Uncomplicated thanks to entry aids and wizards
From creating your own roof design to terrain planning - Ashampoo 3D CAD Pro 7 supports you in all complex operations with sensible entry aids and wizards. You concentrate on the content and the software does the rest - just as it should be.

Exterior and interior design included
With the integrated object catalog, you have access to a wide range of building elements, textures, materials and symbols. From doors, windows, balconies and carports to plumbing and electrical installations, all the objects you need can be placed instantly at the click of a mouse. Many more objects can be easily imported from SketchUp and Collada. This way you get a picture of the final product already in the planning stage - right down to the last detail!

Building material hub with informed CAD textures
mtextur.com [ch. de. eu.] offers architects, designers and planners the possibility to get free information about building materials and their manufacturers. The materials found can be downloaded as high-resolution CAD and BIM textures for direct use in their own planning software. Search criteria such as material group, color and application range, manufacturer and product line can be used to search specifically for various building materials. Further links, reference examples and material info PDFs complete the offer. With over 10000 informed materials, mtextur is the world's largest hub for real CAD textures (online since 2006). This results in practical simplification in everyday planning in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) age.

System requirements 

Operating system:
Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7
Systems with ARM processors are not supported.

Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 8 allows you to plan and design your own projects directly on your PC. Step by step you get to the finished project including setup and can take a first look at realistic 3D models.

Product features  
More than 650 new 3D shutters, blinds, heaters, etc. IMPROVED
SketchUp and Collada import
Mirroring objects and 2D symbols
Faster and future-proof with native 64-bit support
Beautiful and more expressive with custom fill patterns and 3D texture renderings in 2D
Simpler and clearer thanks to Ribbon
7 basic 3D bodies
Exterior light simulation
Free positioning camera and viewing angle
Design and construction tools  
New measurement variant: measurement via polygon with text NEW
Display doors open in 3D NEW
Dimensions for windows and doors in 2D plan views NEW
Stair components can be activated individually
Copy and move dormers
Copy windows and doors to other walls without any problems
Alternative snap mode to align elements
Color 2D symbols
Mirroring 3D objects and 2D symbols
3D raster elements even for large surfaces
Planning of rooftop photovoltaic systems
Surface output for floors, walls and ceilings
Roof assistant
Fusion of individual roofs
Input of roof openings
Stair designer
terrain planner
window planner
Foundation calculation NEW
Exact evaluation of excavation and areas of terrain elements NEW
Practical moving of elements to other slides
Convenient addition and deletion of roof polygon points
Change section depth for existing section views
Create custom visibility templates for views
Apartment management with its own hierarchy level
Flexible project viewer with new sorting options
Free lines from 2D symbols
New, parameterized 2D lines
2D angular dimensioning
Angle measurements
Measurements over polygons
Shadow simulation
Automatic area calculation
Area and volume calculation
Raster input for photovoltaic elements (rooftop systems)
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