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Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 | Multi Device 1 Device 1 year

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  • BS-10116
  • Multilingual
  • 1 device
  • 1 year
  • Worldwide
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Product information "Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 | Multi Device"

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Protect yourself effectively and counter the numerous threats in your everyday life with the appropriate software by choosing the proven solution Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 solution. Of course, the program is based on the latest techniques for detecting and eliminating threats on home computers or mobile devices. Among the great advantages of the security solution is the support for the numerous platforms and techniques in use today, as well as the numerous features in a convenient overall package. Reach out now, buy the right license for a term of one year from BestSoftware and benefit from the attractive advantages and a secure feeling when using modern technology.

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 provides good protection against all threats

The basic task of Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 is to provide maximum protection against all threats, which today are more diverse than ever before. Anyone who communicates by e-mail, surfs the Internet a lot or is always connected to a network is particularly at risk. Viruses, Trojans and malware get directly onto the home computer via corresponding weak points and can cause terrible damage here under certain circumstances.

The Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 software relies on up-to-date and powerful virus scanners that work permanently in the background and keep an eye on the activities on your home computer. In the event of an anomaly, such as a download of a dangerous file from the Internet, the program reacts immediately and moves the danger to a secure quarantine area. You receive a message about this action and then decide whether the file should be deleted or whether it is a false alarm.

Particularly important for an effective fight against the numerous threats from Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 are the databases. Only with these can the threats be detected and eliminated. For this reason, the manufacturer relies not only on the latest scanners and matching databases, which are supplied with constant updates, but also on artificial intelligence. This is also based to a large extent on the functionality and advantages of the cloud. Due to the immense computing power and the work in the right places by Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 even detects previously unknown threats and enables good protection.

The corresponding techniques also ensure effective protection against particularly complex threats. These have been on the rise in recent years and are increasingly targeting private PCs. A classic example of this is the blackmail Trojan, which has probably already scared some users. Once the threats get onto the computer, they encrypt the personal data and only release it after a ransom is paid. The Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 software also immediately detects exploits or so-called brute force attacks and raises the alarm.

If you use convenient online banking from home on different end devices, security naturally plays a particularly important role. Otherwise, criminals will secure your access data in a few simple steps and you will suffer financial damage in the worst case. Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 software comes with the Pay Guard feature. This feature ensures that when you use the online banking site, it is an official and safe one.

In general, of course, the program brings comprehensive features and other options for the safe use of technology. For example, Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 software warns you when you try to access a dubious or infected website and blocks the connection automatically. Thus, you no longer have to worry about the personal data getting into the hands of third parties. In addition, you don't have to worry about your e-mail box anymore, as spam messages don't stand a chance. These often contain dangerous links or are intended to trick you into entering the appropriate data or calling up fake pages. Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 deletes dangerous or fake messages directly, preventing you from downloading the attachments or opening the link. Automatic blocking of dangerous websites and secure transfer of data, for example to the cloud service of your choice, are also included when using Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021, helping you to use computers, notebooks and mobile devices safely in everyday life.

Protect all devices with a purchase of Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021

Threats from viruses, Trojans, or counterfeit software are no longer limited to the traditional Windows-based computer or notebook. Criminals are also targeting mobile devices and alternative platforms in order to successfully obtain data. Thanks to Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021, there is a good solution to this problem. The well-known security software manufacturer has also recognized the signs of the times and relies on comprehensive technologies to provide appropriate solutions for all devices. Therefore, use Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 not only on Windows 10, Windows 11 or older versions, but also on computers with macOS or on smartphones and tablets. Simply download the appropriate apps from the Google PlayStore or Apple's AppStore onto your device and benefit from the numerous options. Regular updates are freely available for all supported platforms during the entire runtime and convince with very good security.

Other features distinguish the attractive overall package of Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021

The attractive overall package of Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 not only convinces with good and thorough protection against all threats, but also brings additional practical features and tools to everyday life. These enable even more security and effective use of modern technology.

If you live in a household with children, for example, you should always be concerned about the use of modern technology and simultaneous security. Especially on the Internet, you can find a lot of unsuitable content that is just a click away. Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 software impresses with an integrated function that protects your children and enables safe use of technology. Use the integrated parental controls, for example, to specify the appropriate content. Thus, you regulate with a few simple steps which pages can be accessed while using the PC and where the limits are. The same applies to the times. For example, if you want to set a maximum usage time for your child, this is no problem with the Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 software and the integrated parental control. Set these in just a few simple steps and benefit from very easy operation and adjustment should needs ever change.

A fast and optimized PC enables safe use and ensures that Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021 can work flawlessly. That's why the manufacturer implements performance and hardware optimization right out of the box. The software takes a close look at the entire system and helps close security gaps and optimize its own programs. This ensures effective use and the corresponding function is directly included in Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021.

Of course, at BestSoftware you benefit from low prices for Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021

Of course, the low prices at our BestSoftware online store also apply to Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021, so you can save money with a very simple purchase from home. But also for the other versions of the popular security software from the house of Trend Micro we convince you with the attractive purchase conditions. Profit from Trend Micro Internet Security 2021if it may be clearly more favorable for you. Here, too, you benefit from the modern technology and the comprehensive options when it comes to protection against all everyday threats. In addition, you will receive the key for direct use and problem-free activation within a maximum of 30 minutes by e-mail, so you get the license immediately in your mailbox. In addition, if you have any questions or requests, we will be happy to help you on the live chat, on the hotline or via e-mail, and we even provide support via remote maintenance.


System requirements - Trend Micro Maximum Security 2021
Operating Systems

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista


1 GHz recommended

Working memory

32-bit: 1 GB recommended

64-bit: 2 GB recommended

Hard disk space

1.3 GB (1.5 GB recommended)

Web browser

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9.0, 10.0, 11.0
Mozilla Firefox®, latest version
Google Chrome™, latest version


High-color display with a resolution of 800×480 pixels or higher (desktop); 1024×768 or higher (Windows Store); 1366×768 or higher (Snap apps)

PDF viewer


(for more detailed information, please contact the manufacturer)
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