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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 - Windows

This product is currently not available.
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Product information "Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 - Windows"

Simple image editing for brilliant results | Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 is image editing at the push of a button! The program allows you to optimally adjust colors, contrasts and exposure for single photos or entire photo collections fully automatically. Through careful analysis, weak points of the photo are found and immediately eliminated. Or you can do it yourself: Easily straighten crooked image horizons, correct the perspective or provide your photos with numerous effects. Even slight blemishes such as red eyes, skin blemishes or stains can be easily removed. Thanks to the simple operation, you save time and nerves and get brilliant results in a flash!


  • Brilliant perspective correction for natural lines
  • Greatly improved automatic image optimization
  • Lightning-fast access to favorite functions under Favorites
  • Manually change color temperature
  • Adjustment of gradation curves
  • Improved memory management for faster and more stable performance
  • 64Bit version

A matter of perspective!
If you take a picture of a building, you usually stand in front of it at the bottom - which you can clearly see later! Lines "fall", the picture seems to tilt and the motive loses its charm. Or you notice when viewing the photos that you were standing in front of it at a slight angle and want to sort out the photo right away. With the new perspective correction this is no longer a problem! Easily correct horizontal or vertical distortions with just a few clicks! Give your photos a second chance and simply adjust the perspective until the subject is positioned the way you want it!

ScreenshotPhoto Optimizer 8 + Box

Favorites for comfortable use
Everyone has their favorite features that are used most often. So you don't have to navigate through the program to find them, you can conveniently file the features under Favorites. Then you have all the functions "at your fingertips" and can perform work processes in a relaxed manner from one menu. For example, you can quickly straighten the horizon, correct the perspective or crop the image after the automatic optimization. Ingeniously simple, isn't it?

Automatically optimizes images like no other program
The secret of the new Photo Optimizer lies in its unique image optimization. It does this by analyzing each image in depth to find possible weak points and areas for improvement. What you may have hastily shot with your cell phone can be visually rescued! Pale colors, wrong exposure or missing contrast - the algorithm of Photo Optimizer finds all the mistakes! After the analysis, the optimization recreates your images - bright, strong and exactly the way a good photo should be. For this purpose, thousands of variants were tested to produce brilliant results with the highest hit rate. And after 2 years of programming and testing, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 has reached a whole new level!


More manual adjustment options
As good as the automatic optimization is - maybe you still want to do it yourself? There are numerous correction options available for this purpose. New in version 8 is the color temperature, which can give a shot a completely new look. Especially "cold" cell phone shots gain new atmosphere this way. With the Light Curves function, you can easily change gradation curves and thus influence shadows, midtones and highlights. Especially with RAW images, the results are impressive! Just try it out, thanks to the smart backup technology you can always come back to old saves!

Improved memory usage
The new Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 uses the entire RAM for its calculations when needed and now benefits from the full system power of your PC. Even images with very high resolutions or entire image folders can be optimized in no time. Look forward to the fastest and most stable Photo Optimizer ever!

Improve white balance and intensify contrast spreading
The color temperature of an image stands and falls with the white balance. Digital cameras in particular often tend to have a blue cast and make colors look pale. This makes photos look lifeless and fails to capture the special moment. Low-contrast images are also common, especially in difficult lighting conditions. However, even these actually unsuccessful images can be intensified with contrast spreading and become respectable again! Both functions are included in the automatic optimization and are immediately activated as soon as they can make the photo better!

Image editing with just a few clicks
The interface of Photo Optimizer 8 is self-explanatory. Each function is quick to find, neatly categorized, and no more than two clicks away. Whereas with other photo editors you have to dig through the help first, you already have the finished results. Everything is so logical and simple that every user can quickly achieve the desired result! Even beginners will get their money's worth here - or simply anyone who doesn't want to spend hours with image editing programs.

Convenient export options
Good pictures want to be seen, so of course you can send your pictures conveniently by e-mail and also upload them to Ashampoo Web for sharing free of charge. You can also set especially nice pictures as wallpaper right away. For printing pictures, there is a sophisticated print dialog, with which pictures can be immortalized in the best quality and, if desired, also in a paper-saving way.

Functions for perfectionists and creative people
Many sophisticated functions are available for those for whom automatic optimization is not enough. Whether you want to sharpen effectively or prefer to blur, Photo Optimizer offers sophisticated functions for every area. Annoying image noise can be reduced just as effectively, the color temperature can be changed or the image can simply be cropped. For the more artistic approach, there are enough options to experiment with waves, swirls and implosion.


Natural-looking portrait enhancements
Faces are at the center of many photos, yet rarely turn out perfect! Photo Optimizer lets you automatically enhance portraits or retouch them manually. Easily remove red eyes or whiten teeth for a bright smile. Use the handy spot removal and copy function for selected areas to inconspicuously remove other flaws like skin blemishes. Create perfect yet natural-looking portraits in just a few clicks!

Add more color!
No image is convincing without the right colors. With highly effective color correction, you can give your images a style of their own or, more classically, a realistic look. With simple sliders you can easily adjust contrast, saturation and many other values, the program shows the results immediately as a preview. If you want to play with color effects, you can set individual accents by adding colors, nostalgic sepia or reduction via the threshold. And what you don't like is simply undone!

Convenient batch processing
A big advantage of this program is that it does not require any further specifications or parameters, but does its job automatically. So save a massive amount of time by having several images optimized automatically at once. Whether selected images from different sources or entire folders, Photo Optimizer meticulously analyzes each image and improves the image quality. This way, even a whole vacation can be processed in one go, weddings shine in new splendor or a birthday glows in new colors and in perfect contrast!

Plenty of room for experimentation!
Thanks to the proven backup you can experiment as you like, the backup of the original images prevent any mishap. What you don't like is easily restored to its original state. And thanks to the integrated before-and-after view, you always know in advance what changes your current settings will cause. So there are no nasty surprises and you keep only perfect pictures!




System requirements
Computer Any computer that supports the operating systems listed above. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.
Operating systems    Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7
RAM at least 2GB RAM

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable
Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked periodically.



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