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TeamViewer is a remote support software that lets you share your desktop between two devices. When you need technical help on your computer, but don't have an assistant on site, it's difficult to solve a problem by phone, email or chat. TeamViewer offers a solution here, providing remote screen sharing as well as video conferencing and data transfer. Below we explain what TeamViewer is and what it can do

What is TeamViewer?
TeamViewer was developed in 2005 by TeamViewer AG, a company with the same name. This tool supports Windows, macOS, some Linux and Android distributions. In addition, you can control iOS and Blackberry remotely. In the field of remote control tools, TeamViewer is one of the most common and popular ways to establish a connection between two computers

TeamViewer is a way to share your screen with other external entities. In case of technical issues, you can contact their support team to log into your computer and troubleshoot as if you were sitting right in front of the device

How does TeamViewer work?
Each TeamViewer instance provides a unique 9-digit identifier associated with the computer. Updating or reinstalling TeamViewer does not change this. This identifier is needed to allow other TeamViewer users to log in to the computer. There are also temporary passwords that can be changed at any time and require other users to log in to the PC. As with the phone, the TeamViewer ID is the phone number. All computers and mobile devices worldwide are identified by a unique TeamViewer ID. TeamViewer also promises an encrypted connection that prevents access by third parties.

TeamViewer appointment
If you need help with the initial installation or activation of your software, contact our support team via email at [email protected] or call us to schedule an appointment. Tel. +49 5063 902 999 7