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Products from Bullguard


More security on your own computer thanks to BullGuard software

In the fight against threats and dangers on the home computer, many users rely on the help of modern antivirus software. Common solutions such as BullGuard Antivirus 2021,BullGuard Premium Protection 2021 or BullGuard Internet Security enjoy a correspondingly high demand. You can buy the popular software from BullGuard now and benefit from its numerous options and up-to-date architecture. Take a look at the numerous offers at your leisure and also use the further information, which can provide a comprehensive impression around the manufacturer itself.

BullGuard Antivirus 2021 and Co. - a product overview

The developers of BullGuard want to increase the security of users on their home computers with their own software. Threats today are more present and diverse than ever before. In addition to the classic theft of data, malware or Trojans are also a threat. Against most of the threats, the developer therefore provides powerful software, which, however, clearly differs in functionality and possibilities depending on the version and version.

The inexpensive entry-level version here represents the product BullGuard Antivirus 2021 represents. This simple antivirus software provides basic all-round protection for use on the classic computer. For full functionality and good protection, the developer relies on a Bitdefender. The options for detecting and preventing threats fall broadly with the software. In addition to the direct scan of all files that you download from the Internet, for example, you also benefit from a spam filter as well as a safe-browsing function. This shows all dubious sites while surfing the Internet, marks them clearly and thus prevents data theft or infecting the computer with malware under optimal conditions. A special feature of BullGuard Antivirus 2021 is the gaming mode. This mode can be activated with a flick of the wrist and ensures that the full performance of the computer is available during demanding gaming, without impairing the function of the antivirus software. In general, the developer pays attention to very good performance, so you can continue to use your computer without restrictions and the application won't be a problem even on older systems.

On the other hand, the "BullGuard Internet Security" offer promises significantly more security and functions. This provides comprehensive protection for your personal data, system or sensitive files, especially in the event of threats from the worldwide web. The good detection rate of many different threats is a clear strength of the software. The program detects viruses, worms, adware, rootkits or even spyware very reliably and immediately takes appropriate measures for your protection. A spam filter is also included, which can be integrated into the most common mail programs. A firewall and parental control are also available. With the help of the integrated backup solution including five gigabytes of online storage space, the developer increases the security and the possibilities even more. Of course, BullGuard Internet Security only transfers data in fully encrypted form.

The program "BullGuard Premium Protection 2021 " is also a good choice for you in search of maximum security on your home computer. The functions are extremely wide-ranging and are suitable for the entire family. Of course, you can rely on comprehensive protection against common threats in the first place, and you can also use the vulnerability scanner to find gaps in your own system. The aforementioned Game Booster is also included here, and the integrated parental controls mean that even the youngest members of the family can access the Internet and modern technology safely. With the identity protection, you will be warned reliably and quickly if criminals get hold of your data. For this purpose, the practical program "BullGuard Premium Protection 2021 " scans the entire Internet and raises an alarm directly in case of matches with your data. An integrated firewall provides additional protection when using the home computer.

In general, the numerous software products from BullGuard support different end devices. For example, licenses can be installed on both Windows and Mac. You can also rely on the comprehensive protection on mobile devices, but this only applies under certain circumstances. In this case, you have to use a smartphone or tablet with Android operating system version 4.0 or higher. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to use BullGuard's software on iOS.

Benefit from the manufacturer's many years of experience

Although the security software is sold under the brand name BullGuard and the development takes place in the company's own offices and locations, a closer look reveals that another company is behind the brand. This is because the manufacturer now belongs to NortonLifeLock Inc, a large group of companies from the USA. The provider is known for a wide range of security software, which according to its own information is used on many computers. The company itself speaks of 80 million users in over 150 countries around the world. The headquarters of the parent company NortonLifeLock is located in Tempe, that is, in the US state of Arizona. With over 12,600 employees, the developer is now one of the established players on the market. At the same time, many other brands belong to the range, for example Avira or also Avast.

As already mentioned, the development and sale of BullGuard's own software products continues to be carried out in the company's own offices. Locations include the UK and Germany. Since its foundation, the company has focused on the area of security, a very important segment in the use of modern computers. The first security products were therefore not long in coming, and to this day the manufacturer continues to be active in this area. This fact has not changed over the years.

At Best Software you get BullGuard products especially favorable

With especially favorable conditions we welcome you to our Best Software online store when it comes to purchasing BullGuard products. The popular software solutions of the well-known manufacturer are available for free with us and can be purchased from the comfort of your home. Browse our attractive portfolio and find not only the classic BullGuard Antivirus 2021, but also the versions BullGuard Internet Security or BullGuard Premium Protection 2021. If you buy the software from us now, you will benefit from the direct availability of your license. We send them out very promptly, so nothing stands in the way of a direct download after your purchase. Of course, you will receive the current license from us at attractive conditions and with a comprehensive service. So if you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact our trained and competent staff. We support you to the best of our ability and are always there for you. So buy cheap BullGuard software from our store now, we look forward to your visit.