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CCleaner Professional | 1 device 1 year
CCleaner Professional | 1 device 1 year
  • 1 device
  • 1 year
  • Worldwide
  • Multilingual
  • 5 - 30 Minuten
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    CCleaner is the well-known file removal developer

    When it comes to the safe and, above all, complete removal of files or programs on your own hard drive, reaching for external software proves to be a good choice. This is especially true if you are concerned with secure deletion. With many on-board tools, which are included in Windows 10 or in Windows 11, for example, a recovery of the files is possible in many cases. If you do not want this or even want to delete protected files safely and permanently, you can use the software from the house CCleaner. The developers are considered absolute market leaders in this area and have been available for several years with the various solutions and offers. If you would like to use the software and benefit from a direct CCleaner download, Best Software is the right place for you. We look forward to your visit and support you with an attractive assortment to cope with the upcoming work with your computer or notebook.

    Figures, data and information about the developer

    Basically, the software from the house of CCleaner is by no means a new variant, but a program with extensive experience and a long history. The first version was released back in 2003, and while the software has evolved considerably over the years, there is little left to remind us of the first version, but the basic principle and idea remain the same. With the program, the developer wants to provide an easy-to-use option for the secure use and deletion of data, which is a very good choice especially for private and even inexperienced users. The demand also developed only with the months and years, but today it is impossible to imagine many PCs without the software. The developer himself speaks of over 2.5 billion downloads since the release of the first version.

    The developer studio Piriform is behind the product and the CCleaner brand. The company is based in London, i.e. in Great Britain. Compared to many other software studios, it is a rather small company, according to its own information, about 150 employees work for Piriform. In the meantime, however, the company is no longer alone on the highly competitive market, but joined the Czech Avast group of companies in the middle of 2017. In addition to its headquarters in London, the company has other locations and offices, for example in New York City and in Eastern Europe. Incidentally, the name Piriform comes from Latin and means "pear-shaped." Here, "Pirum" means pear.

    A brief overview of the software offering

    The company or brand is particularly well known for the PC optimization software CCleaner per se. Although many other solutions from the developer are also available, under this brand you can only get this handy tool.

    Using CCleaner Professional or the free entry-level version is no problem on many different devices. The current versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 are also supported, of course, but the possibilities go much further. For example, use the CCleaner software also on a Mac-based computer or on your notebook. In addition, since mobile devices are increasingly integrated into everyday life, the CCleaner software is also suitable for this in the center. However, the support in this area only applies to mobile devices with Android operating system, for example, a tablet or a smartphone. Of course, the developer keeps updating the CCleaner software, this is especially true for the current Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions as particularly popular operating systems in the everyday life of users.

    The main task of CCleaner software mainly refers to optimizing and restoring the performance of one's computer. For this purpose, the program mainly deletes temporary data that keeps accumulating during the regular use of the PC. In this case, the options turn out to be wide-ranging. You can delete your history from all different sources, for example from the browser or from the Windows search. Even entire disks or individual folders can be deleted easily and absolutely safely. The developer uses various deletion methods for this in the CCleaner software, for example the Gutmann method, to ensure the necessary security. Searching the Windows Registry for errors is no problem with the help of the software and helps to restore the performance and efficiency of the system.

    In addition to the factory-integrated functions, you also have the option of using various extensions with the CCleaner software. With the help of a corresponding interface and via the official support forum, the extensions remain up-to-date and allow for comprehensive support for other programs as well within the scope of using the CCleaner software.

    Buy the cheap CCleaner software from Best Software

    While using your PC, you are welcome to convince yourself of the comprehensive possibilities and the very simple operation of the offered software. You can get the different offers and variants directly at Best Software, rely on our attractive assortment and the usual attractive advantages. Here we gladly refer to the favorable prices and a direct availability. So, for example, if you want to buy CCleaner Professional for Windows 10 or Windows 11 from us, you can download the program directly after purchase, install it and use it with all its features. The CCleaner download is available immediately. We look forward to your purchase of the cheap software here at Best Software.