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Panda Dome Premium - Multi Device - Download

Panda Dome Premium - Multi Device - Download 1 Device 1 year

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  • IDE-10346
  • Multilingual
  • 1 Gerät
  • 1 year
  • 5 - 30 Minuten



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Product information "Panda Dome Premium - Multi Device - Download"

Comprehensive protection for your PC with Panda Dome Complete 

If you want to have access to an inexpensive and at the same time extremely effective virus protection, Panda Dome Premium 2020 is the right choice. The Premium version makes it possible to combine the protection of one's own data with overarching device security and to protect oneself across platforms. In this way, one's own devices can be protected without much effort to ensure worry-free use without external influences.

The perfect combination of data protection and security

In many applications, protecting the data present on the device and ensuring overall security are separated. However, for smooth operation, merging these areas is crucial in order to access a high level of convenience. This makes it a good choice to buy Panda Dome Premium and ensure the existing data is already secured during active scans.

In conjunction with the integrated Premium VPN, it is easy to determine one's own effective location. This way, users no longer have to reveal their actual location when using the Internet and give up a large part of their own privacy. In this way, it is not difficult to increase security when accessing the corresponding content.

Premium support

Don't let the topic of computer security drive you crazy anymore!
With PANDA DOME PREMIUM you will benefit from a technician who will be at your side at any time, should IT problems occur at your home (whether with routers, printers, consoles or mobile devices). 

Parental control

With PANDA DOME PREMIUM you can monitor
your children's online activities as well as their whereabouts
and block access to
inappropriate applications and content.

Phone tracking
Lost your iPhone or smartphone? No problem: With PANDA DOME PREMIUM you can quickly find your lost or stolen mobile device.


Password manager
With PANDA DOME PREMIUM's password manager, you only need to remember one master password, which gives you secure access to all other passwords with a single click.


Ransomware protection
PANDA DOME PREMIUM protects your Windows, Android and Mac devices from all types of attacks, including ransomware.


Performance Optimization
With PANDA DOME PREMIUM you can prevent devices from slowing down over time! Optimize the performance and battery life of devices to make them behave like new again.

PANDA DOME PREMIUM ensures maximum data protection. Prevent identity theft and loss of personal data. 

A good approach for better performance

The performance of the devices you use often depends on the security of the systems you have. For this reason, using Panda Dome Premium also optimizes the speed of the systems to access the content you want faster. This makes each device a secure yet powerful anchor for daily tasks around work.
In this way, the numerous functions can be ideally combined, making the software a true asset to all existing devices. However, if any difficulties should arise during implementation, a competent technician is available to assist users around the application. Together with him, existing difficulties can be solved quickly and easily in order to extend the effectiveness of the security measures.

Upgrade your security now with Panda Dome Premium

If you want to buy Panda Dome yourself, you have access to a good structure with the numerous applications. In this way, it is easy to provide the desired security on all devices and make working a safe process. Those who are looking for an application that can effectively promote their privacy will always be on the safe side with Panda Dome Premium. Thus, for a powerful and exceedingly secure application, it is an excellent decision to buy Panda Dome Premium and increase your security.

Things to know about the program

Why is it worth buying Panda Dome?
With Panda Dome Premium, users can expect a functional software to maintain security on all available devices. Data protection also plays an important role in this connection and makes it possible to extend the security of the systems holistically. 

Who is the target audience for security software?
Functional software for device security is always a good choice. Both for the numerous devices at work and for private systems, appropriate software can provide much more convenience and effectively mitigate risks. 

Which devices can be protected?
Panda Dome Premium 2020 can be connected to Windows, Apple and Android devices. This makes the software a versatile application that can be used for numerous areas and environments for more digital security in everyday life. 

What is being done to keep children safe?
In order to allow children to use the Internet safely and comfortably at the same time, Panda Dome Premium has built-in parental controls. Through this, online activities can be kept track of without any difficulties.
How long is the available license valid?
If you want to buy Panda Dome Premium 2020, our offer includes a license that is valid for one year. This makes it easy to provide excellent protection for every device and to rely on cross-platform usage.

System requirementsrequirements:

For workstations / file servers

  • Windows XP SP3 (Home, Professional, Professional x64 edition), Windows Vista 32/64-bit (Starter, Home Basic & Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate editions), Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8/8.1 (32/64-bit) and Windows 10 (32/64-bit).
  • Windows Server 2003 & R2 SP2 32/64-bit (Web, Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Small Business, Home Server editions), Windows 2008 & R2 32/64-bit (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Web, Small Business), Windows Server 2012 (64-bit) & Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2016 (64-bit).
  • .NET Framework 4.0.3 or higher

Mac-based desktops and laptops

  • Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra
  • Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra

Linux-based desktops and laptops

  • Fedora 24 and higher
  • Debian 7, 8, 9
  • CentOS 7
  • Ubuntu: current Long-Term Support (LTS) versions.2 Refer to list of releases.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and later versions using Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL)

The agent requires that a full runtime version of an open source toolset called Mono be installed on each Linux device.

Mono versions supported:

  • Mono 3 and later

For smartphones and tablets

  • iOS 7 and higher
  • Android 2.3.3 and later

For WMware ESXi 

  • Version 4.1, 5.X and 6.X.
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