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Lexware QuickImmobilie Standard 2023
Lexware QuickImmobilie Standard 2023
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    Finances and accounting are easy to handle with Lexware software

    Finance, accounting or even the preparation of the annual tax return pose difficult tasks every year, not only for newcomers in this segment. Here it is not only a matter of using the right information, but also of observing legal regulations and corresponding hurdles. In order to make these tasks easier for you in the private environment, but also in the company, the well-known manufacturer Lexware provides practical software. You can obtain these in a wide selection. In addition to the diverse versions, the manufacturer pays particular attention to a very high suitability for everyday use as well as simple operation, in order to make the work significantly easier even for inexperienced users in the field of self-employment. You can get the appropriate licenses for the Lexware software here at BestSoftware, feel free to convince yourself of the attractive shopping opportunities.

    The software is aimed primarily at professional users

    Lexware is a well-known German manufacturer of popular software products in the field of commercial programs. The company is located in Freiburg im Breisgau. The company is an experienced provider and has been available for customers for many decades with advice and support. The company was founded back in 1989 and is still a division of the Haufer Group. This is also why the entire name is "Haufe-Lexware GmbH& Co. KG". By the way, the name at the time of the foundation by Axel Wessendorf was even more bulky, at that time the company was called "Abakus Gesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung der rechts- und steuerberatenden Berufe". Shortly after the foundation in 1997, the founder sold all his parts to Rudolf Haufe Verlag.

    Over the years, the manufacturer Lexware entered into various cooperations with other companies. This applies for example to Intuit Germany. Together with this manufacturer Lexware formed an alliance and then took over the marketing of the products Quicken, QuickBooks and QuickSteuer. The technical capabilities of Lexware software also continued to develop significantly, for example with the introduction of the "Lexware Professional" product line in 2001, which brought with it its own Sybase SQL Anywhere database server, which ensures practical multi-user capability. The introduction of the ELSTER and dakota interfaces also made the manufacturer's own software even more interesting for users. The company is also known for the development of the online solution lexoffice. This was developed in cooperation with 800 other companies and was able to quickly collect customers. To this day, lexoffice is a good option for managing important accounting tasks. Lexware pay is the company's own card payment service, which also made the company even better known. For this project, the manufacturer received the Innovation Award of the Initiative Mittelstand.

    With over 650 employees and a turnover of almost 230 million euros, Lexware is still one of the well-known manufacturers for software and continues to consistently orient a range of products to the needs of professional users. Thanks to constant updates and also a so-called "update guarantee", the manufacturer's software is always up to date and helps many people every day.

    Order cheap licenses for Lexware software in our store

    We are happy about your purchase and have prepared an attractive assortment around the Lexware software for this purpose. So take a look around our online store from the comfort of your home, choose your desired version and order with a few clicks within a short time. With the help of our favorable conditions, you will save money when purchasing the appropriate licenses and can quickly get back to your everyday work. As a consumer, we always recommend a direct comparison between our prices and the conditions directly from the manufacturer. You will save an enormous amount of money.  Then take advantage of the wide range of offers that are available to you. For example, grab Lexware Quicksteuer 2021 for Windows, LexOffice Invoice and Finance for your company's accounting, or even the special versions for special target groups. Here we would like to point out Lexware QuickImmobilie, a practical program for the efficient management of rental and commercial units.

    We present: the most popular products from Lexware

    To help you choose the right software, we would like to give you a brief overview of the most important products from the manufacturer Lexware. Of course, you can get many of the efficient and practical programs in our online store, because BestSoftware is your contact point for the cheap and easy purchase of the required licenses.

    To make the annual tax return work as easy as possible, the program Lexware Quicksteuer 2021 is a very good choice for you as a user. Of course, the program is based on the current legal regulations and framework and guides you step by step through the preparation of the tax return. Once you have successfully completed the steps, you can also submit it directly. For this purpose, the program comes with the so-called Elster Assistant. This allows you to transfer the completed tax return to the tax office via the corresponding interface. You also benefit from precise instructions here, so that even beginners can carry out a secure transmission. At the same time, you benefit from a direct overview of the current status of the transfer and you keep track of all information. Thus, you also know immediately when and if the tax return has been successfully submitted. However, the advantages of the handy Lexware Quicksteuer 2021 software go much further; for example, you benefit from an integrated receipt manager. You can easily scan all the necessary proofs with this tool, many different formats are no problem in this case. Also important are the numerous functions and instructions, which can make filling out the individual fields much easier.

    Also a very good choice for professional work, but more suitable for corporate use, is the program LexOffice Invoice & Finance. The software is aimed at self-employed people or freelancers, for example. With the help of a very simple operation and a structured interface, the program makes your everyday work much easier. Of course, LexOffice Invoice & Finance also comes with the appropriate interfaces directly from the factory. With these you can, for example, send the created invoices directly to your tax advisor. Alternatively, you can activate an additional, but free direct access. With the help of this technology, the tax consultant can directly access the current data and information, so data access works from both sides. Those who rely on the software of the manufacturer Lexware can also work mobile and particularly flexibly. This is made possible by the associated apps, which are automatically available for free use. The app is available as a supplement for common devices, i.e. for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems. With the help of the practical functions, you save valuable time, for example by photographing invoices. The app can also be used simultaneously by your employees and other colleagues, as it is available free of charge. When it comes to managing your own company and finances, the LexOffice Invoice & Finance software also provides exactly the right features and functions for this. For example, you can link countless bank accounts to the program to manage them and check incoming payments. By the way, the software is able to automatically assign incoming payments to the respective invoice and thus save a lot of time once again. Besides, the program presents a lot of information at a glance. Thus, you can always keep an eye on the daily account balances, open offers as well as profits.