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Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 | Windows

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Product information "Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 | Windows"

Improve your video files easily with Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software

If you want to significantly improve your video files from vacation or for publishing on the Internet, you can do it easily and effectively with the numerous features of modern video editing software. The Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 solution is a good choice for home and professional users at the same time. With years of experience and the right tools for different needs, the product can be used effectively. So feel free to decide now for a license of Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 with us and benefit from attractive advantages at our BestSoftware online store. Feel free to grab it, it's worth it.

Easily cut, create, edit videos - very simple with Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3

With the basic functions for effective video editing and many other tools, you can easily optimize your video files thanks to Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3. Cut, create, adjust or edit, all this succeeds with a few simple steps. The manufacturer places particular emphasis on the comprehensive editing options.

This is already evident in the simple cutting process. Even though it is basically a comparatively simple job, the Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 program shows its full strengths here. With a completely redesigned editing area, you will not only find your way around very quickly, but also make the exact adjustments you want with the effective tools. Use Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3's editing tools to remove content from your videos, insert commercials or apply markers.

Then optimize the quality of your recording, with Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software you can do this in a few simple steps. Whether it's brightness, contrast or re-sharpening, the appropriate tools for improving quality are an integral part of Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3. Of course, you'll use simple sliders or knobs to achieve especially precise results.

However, with the use of Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software, you can not only improve the quality or remove content, but also add new effects and content. For this, you'll have the exact tools you need. Pieces of music or impressive effects can be inserted with just a few clicks, these then give the video that certain something extra. This proves to be a great advantage, especially if the soundtrack is poor or unclear. Because you can remove this with a few simple steps and insert a much better variant. Alternatively, you can use the integrated equalizer to significantly improve the quality of the existing sound track. Thanks to Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3, nothing stands in the way of individual adjustments.

Incidentally, you can not only easily save the finished projects and videos on your computer after successfully working with the Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software, you can also burn them onto another data medium with ease. For this purpose, the solution supports all common DVDs and Blu-rays and even large files are no problem. For this, the well-tried and well-known engine of Ashampoo Burning Studio 22 is used, which is included with Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3.

If you want to add more content to your videos and files during editing and actively live out your creativity, the Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software provides the right tools and options for this. With many individual effects, for example, you can create an individual transition. Rely on a wide selection of the necessary content, which the manufacturer Ashampoo automatically provides you with. Additional tools that give your video an individual touch can also be used quite easily. For example, use the time-lapse or the slow-motion function and apply them through the interface of Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 in just a few steps.

Support for hundreds of formats and many resolutions is always included

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software is not only suitable for simple cutting or editing of videos, but it is also technically up to date. This is already shown by the support for hundreds of different formats. Because even the recording device can make a significant difference here, when using smartphones or cameras, the files are often in different formats. Accordingly, the wide-ranging support that the Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 program brings with it is important.

And even particularly high resolutions of the recordings are no problem for the Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software. Meanwhile, the Full HD resolution is no longer the state of the art, but the 4K standard. With the modern solution, you also work with corresponding files particularly easily and effectively. So that the performance does not suffer from the support of large files, the program Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 outsources a large part of the work. Thus, the calculations are not only done via the actual processor, but also via the graphics chip. This is noticeable, for example, in some models from the well-known manufacturer NVIDIA; the Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software achieves a performance increase of up to 400 percent here.

For Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3, the manufacturer promises a functional design

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 software provides more than enough tools and functions even for professional users, but at the same time does not lose sight of the target group of private users at all. Accordingly, two different modes are available, which you as a user can select or activate with just a few clicks. As an experienced user, you should work with the Expert mode in everyday use, which provides you with all features immediately. On the other hand, if you are making your first attempts with the video editing solution, you should select the simple mode at the beginning. This will then provide you with a functional and much clearer design. Avoid searching through many submenus and find the important tools directly at a glance. The search in the help area or the desperate clicking are thus immediately eliminated and you can work even more effectively with the software Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3.

You can rely on BestSoftware - buy Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 now at a low price

For a cheap purchase of the software Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 we are here at FairToner. In addition, you can rely on our attractive benefits, because we always want you to feel particularly comfortable as a customer. That's why we will be happy to provide you with competent advice and help you quickly with any problems you may have. For personal contact with the expert, we offer you a live chat, for example. Alternatively, use our hotline or write us a short message and we will be happy to help. The extremely fast delivery of the key for Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 will be done by e-mail, this will take a maximum of 30 minutes. For all different needs of our customers, we also provide other software products from the manufacturer Ashampoo, for example Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD or Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro. So take advantage of the numerous offers now and rely on our attractive offers as well as the especially low prices.


System requirements:

Operating system: Windows 10, 8, 7

Processor: Recommended requirements Intel Core i3 or comparable processor

Working memory (RAM): 8GB RAM

Graphics Card:
DirectX 9

Pixelshader v2.0
Min. 128 MB RAM.
Min. 1280 x 1024
CUDA support requires at least a NVIDIA GeForce 6 series or higher and current driver.

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