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Bitdefender Total Security 2022 | PC/Mac/Mobile Devices

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 | PC/Mac/Mobile Devices

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Product information "Bitdefender Total Security 2022 | PC/Mac/Mobile Devices"

Buy Bitdefender Total Security 2022 - we are looking forward to you

We present you with Bitdefender Total Security 2022, the latest software solution from the well-known manufacturer, and provide you with the licenses for the comprehensive overall package at a low price. Use the full potential in everyday life, use the program on your computer or notebook and use the modern technology with a very good security. We look forward to your purchase and will be happy to convince you of the best service and favorable prices.

Up-to-date techniques for real-time threat detection

Intelligent algorithms and comprehensive, up-to-date databases form the basis for reliable detection of all common threats in Bitdefender Total Security 2022. Whether it's the classic malware, Trojans or the pishing attempt, you can count on a very high detection rate. This fact is also confirmed again and again by regular and comprehensive tests. The combination of comprehensive real-time protection and network threat prevention help to minimize all risks and eliminate many threats before they can cause damage to your computer. Even complex threats are not a big hurdle for Bitdefender Total Security 2022, as the network threat prevention system acts before any danger arises and detects suspicious activities. With the fast response, you are always on the safe side and use your end devices risk-free.

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 also keeps an eye on common dangers when surfing the Internet and provides the appropriate solutions. With the integrated web filter, you can detect all dubious links and Internet offers even before they are actually called up. The program blocks the harmful offers. The "anti-pishing" and anti-fraud functions, which are naturally included in Bitdefender Total Security 2022, are also based on the same principle. Spam protection, which works with the popular clients Thunderbird and Outlook, quickly detects incoming spam messages and moves them directly to the desired folder, so you don't have to bother with them anymore. Even a rescue environment is an integral part of the software package. Rely on this feature for a sophisticated malware threats that need to be removed even before Windows boots up. If Bitdefender Total Security 2022 detects a corresponding infestation on your computer, the software automatically puts the PC into the rescue environment and restarts it for cleanup and recovery.

The capabilities of the software package turn out to be comprehensive

An important feature of the Bitdefender Total Security 2022 software is that it supports many different platforms. This is because while the alternative offerings of Bitdefender Antivirus 2022 and Bitdefender Internet Security 2022 are only available for computers with Windows operating systems, the options with the top version turn out to be much more comprehensive. In addition to compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows 11, the offer also convinces with full support for macOS. You can even comprehensively protect mobile devices by downloading the corresponding apps from the stores and issuing licenses. Smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android are thus equally protected.

Other advantages of the Bitdefender Total Security 2022 software include the comprehensive tools that enable very good performance on any computer. For example, "Bitdefender Photon" means that there is nothing to stop you from using the program even on an older system. Rely on Bitdefender's solution to analyze the hardware and automatically adjust the settings for outstanding performance. With special gaming, movie and work profiles, the security software also detects the current usage environment and provides appropriate reserves and adjusts the settings to current needs. OneClickOptimizer optimizes your entire system and works on the right adjusting screws for use like on the first day. On a notebook, Bitdefender Total Security 2022 also automatically detects battery operation and activates power-saving functions, for example, to significantly extend battery life.

The integrated VPN service is another great strength of Bitdefender Total Security 2022. This not only allows you to transfer your data securely and encrypted when surfing the Internet, but also ensures a high level of anonymity and is also freely available with unlimited data volume. However, you can rely not only on the good protection, but also on a high reliability and a very good surfing speed. The VPN service also harmonizes with the anti-tracking function. This prevents the spying and collection of your personal data, for example through cookies or the retrieval of the current location.

A microphone and webcam protection are also available for you to use freely in Bitdefender Total Security 2022. The times when criminals could use these technologies to spy on you and control them remotely are finally over with the latest software from Bitdefender. For your children, the program comes with an integrated parental control. This allows you to make individual settings to protect your children from inappropriate content on the computer or on the Internet. For example, limit the time of use with a few simple steps or specify which content may be accessed via the browser to ensure maximum safety. Of course, other handy tools are included with Bitdefender Total Security 2022, such as a file shredder. With these, you shred documents or files that are no longer needed in a particularly secure way, so that they cannot be recovered after selling the computer or changing the data medium. Social network protection blocks harmful messages or links, and a wallet stores important and sensitive information. For example, store your payment data from online banking or credit cards in the wallet, as well as your passwords for popular online services. With strong encryption and an appropriate password, you prevent access by unauthorized persons and at the same time can rely on the direct availability of all necessary data.

Tip: With Anti-Theft and Bitdefender Total Security 2022, you are on the safe side even if your notebook or tablet with Windows operating system has been stolen. Via the Bitdefender Central user account, you maintain security over your data and can, for example, lock or wipe the device remotely. This service is available worldwide with the help of the account.

Your license for your needs - buy now cheap at BestSoftware

There are different types of licensing available for purchasing Bitdefender Total Security 2022. In principle, however, these are always keys with a certain term, so you have to renew them after this period. By default, many customers opt for the 1-year license. During a period of 365 days, all features of the popular software are available to you, and you also receive regular updates for more security and new functions. For longer use, however, you can also obtain licenses with a term of two or even three years. As a consumer, you are also free to choose the number of keys included. You can, of course, choose a single license for one computer, but packages with three, five or even ten individual keys are also available. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right variant and save money and valuable time with your purchase.

In general, we at BestSoftware are of course ready with attractive advantages when it comes to the favorable software purchase. For example, we deliver the ordered keys very quickly, within 30 minutes nothing stands in the way of activating the software. Moreover, we do not only offer you the possibility to buy Bitdefender Total Security 2022, but also other security solutions from the well-known and popular manufacturer. You can also get the inexpensive entry-level version in the form of Bitdefender Antivirus 2022 at attractive conditions. If you want a few more features, but you attach great importance to a good price-performance ratio, Bitdefender Premium Security is a very good choice. Surf particularly securely with Bitdefender Premium VPN or rely on the Bitdefender Family Pack, the choice is yours. A competent service for all questions or problems is of course not missing either. Call us, write a message or chat with our competent staff to get a quick help and the best support.  

System requirements - Bitdefender Total Security 2022
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo (2 GHz) or equivalent processor
Operating systems    Windows 7 | Windows8.1 | Windows 10 | Windows 11
Hard disk space 2.5 GB
(for more detailed information please contact the manufacturer)

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