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Windows 8.1 Home - Full version - Download

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Product information "Windows 8.1 Home - Full version - Download"

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home: New ways for more performance

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home is not a classic operating system, as many users have been used to for years. The developers have shown the courage to break new ground. However, those who get involved with them will work with an operating system that has a much better performance than any other Windows. The special thing about Edition 8.1 is that you as a user can decide for yourself how far you want to follow the new paths and how far you want to rely on what you know and appreciate.

The central features of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home at a glance

  • Optimization for touch devices
  • Free choice: Tile look or desktop design as start screen
  • Particularly efficient use of computer resources
  • Apps: Continue working seamlessly on other devices
  • Internet Explorer 10: Focus on content

Windows 8.1 Home: users have the choice 

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new design. The tile look saw the light of day. This was developed especially for devices with touch displays. Microsoft had the big goal that the identical operating system should run on smartphones, tablets and computers in principle. The tiles made this possible. To this day, no Windows is better optimized for touch devices than Edition 8.1 - not even Windows 10. 

Windows 8 already offered the option to switch to the familiar desktop view. However, this was not standard: The computer always started with the tile look. Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home reverses this. You as the user have the choice: You can let the operating system boot in the classic desktop view with Start menu or you stay with the tiles. It is therefore up to you how much you want to follow the new paths that Microsoft has taken with this operating system. 

The tile system offers various advantages 

If you work with the tiles, you will benefit from a whole range of advantages. For example, freely configurable notifications from apps or news pages are displayed in the tiles. Users can find out about current events at a glance. The tiles also allow switching between apps naturally as well as easily. The applications also use HTML5 and JavaScript. In this way, they make particularly efficient use of PC resources. Even on older systems, the applications run smoothly. 

Working across devices with Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home 

The new App Store introduced with Windows 8 makes it much easier to work across devices. It saves which applications have been downloaded and which settings have been made. If a new computer is to be put into operation, the operating system ensures that the apps and settings are automatically transferred via the Store. Lengthy setups are thus a thing of the past. In addition, you can work across devices without any problems. After all, memory levels are also transferred, for example. 

Internet Explorer 10: Browser with hardware acceleration 

Microsoft has developed Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8.1. Data protection, security and more comfort while surfing were the main focus. The browser therefore has hardware acceleration, for example. Pages open faster and downloads run faster. Excessive menus have been eliminated. Instead, the browser offers more space for content. Navigation is done by fingertip or mouse click directly in the pages. This makes surfing easier and more intuitive than ever.


System requirements - Windows 8.1 Home
Processor 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
Memory 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard disk space  16 GB for 32-bit operating system or 20 GB for 64-bit operating system
Graphics card Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
(more detailed information is available from the manufacturer)


Scope of delivery

 Free shipping by email
 Installation file Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home
 Product key for telephone/online activation of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home
 Quick installation & activation guide 

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