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Surfshark VPN | unlimeted devices 1 year

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  • BS-10976
  • Multilingual
  • unlimited devices
  • 1 Month
  • Worldwide
  • 5 - 30 Minuten



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Product information "Surfshark VPN |"

Buy Surfshark VPN and surf the Internet safely with all devices

Whether it is the unwanted tracking or the blocked access to different content on the Internet, dangers and restrictions disturb many users. With the help of the appropriate software, you can prevent such issues as well as obstacles particularly efficiently. The offer of Surfshark VPN allows you to use the Internet without limits while maintaining a very high level of security. To use the service, you need a license for the corresponding term. At BestSoftware, you purchase the key for unlimited use of the service for a term of one month. Favorable conditions and fast delivery of the key within a maximum of 30 minutes await you here at BestSoftware. So buy Surfshark VPN now and surf the Internet safely.

The manufacturer promises you the maximum security with Surfshark VPN

In principle, if you want to opt for a VPN service, you will benefit from a few advantages. At the end of the day, the choice is always about the maximum security of your data and your devices. The manufacturer Surfshark therefore places very high value on your protection and convinces with some unique selling points. This already starts with the company's headquarters. Surfshark's headquarters are located in the British Virgin Islands, which allows for comprehensive regulations and special features. Of course, there is still a global team working for the company to provide comprehensive support for all customers. Being based abroad also allows the manufacturer Surfshark to have particularly strict no-logs policies. This means that the provider does not record any data around your surfing behavior. Whether connections or activities, no recordings take place for this.

At the same time, modern technology is used to enable you to use Surfshark VPN even more securely and effectively. This is also evident, for example, when looking at the apps used. Through current protocols, for example IKEv2/IPsec, your data is comprehensively protected. However, you still have full control over the techniques used, for example, the option to select the OpenVPN protocol via the app is available. This allows you to use all features and functions individually and yet securely.

VPN service for an unlimited number of different devices

More and more devices in everyday life have a constant connection to the Internet. It is precisely at this point, i.e. the increasing spread of Internet-enabled platforms, that the Surfshark VPN service comes into play and enables comprehensive security in all environments. Of course, the service is available prioritized for the classic computers and notebooks, this also proves compatible with the new versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11. But feel free to use the secure VPN connection on a Mac with all the latest versions of the system.

But also the mobile use of the Internet allows you the Surfshark VPN particularly secure and simple equally. Because also on the smartphone or on the tablet are increasingly important and sensitive connections, for example, when online banking via the associated app. With the help of the appropriate software from Surfshark, you can also work very securely here and benefit from very good protection. With further support for different Linux systems or even very specific platforms, for example FireTV or Chrome, the solution from Surfshark VPN proves to be a very good option for comprehensive protection in all environments.

By purchasing the license here at BestSoftware, you will protect yourself and your entire family from the numerous threats. It is a key for Surfshark VPN solution that allows unlimited activations. Multiple computers, smartphones or tablets are therefore not a problem. However, keep in mind that the licenses are linked to a specific runtime. Once this has expired, you will have to renew them again.

Rely on the attractive advantages of the Surfshark VPN software

In addition to the latest techniques for more security and comprehensive support for many platforms, you can expect many more advantages with the Surfshark VPN service that you can take advantage of in your everyday life. For example, Camouflage Mode ensures that no one will recognize that you are using a VPN service. This is because some site operators or service providers now block you from accessing content if you use a VPN service. This scenario does not threaten you with Surfshark VPN.

You are also welcome to use an integrated whitelister if you want to surf safely in everyday life with Surfshark VPN. With this practical function, you can exclude individual apps or even pages on the Internet so that they can bypass the VPN. This proves to be particularly practical for many banking apps, for example, so that they work properly. With many different servers in numerous countries, you as a user also benefit from very good performance when using Surfshark VPN. Accordingly, you can rely on a fast response even with a fast Internet connection and also make larger downloads, for example. Incidentally, there is no limit with the purchase of the license for Surfshark VPN; an unlimited data volume is available for you. With the "MultiHop" technology, you will once again significantly increase security in everyday life, since the connection in this case is made via several countries at the same time. Tracking is made much more difficult with this step.

However, when surfing the Internet normally, you will not only benefit from a very high speed and access to all the necessary information, but also from a much cleaner environment. Advertising, trackers, malware or even pishing attempts no longer take place when you use the Surfshark VPN. And with the "Kill Switch" feature, you are also on the safe side should you ever lose your connection to the VPN. So in this case, your data or sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands either.

When traveling to areas with limited access to the Internet, the Surfshark VPN also plays to many strengths. With the "NoBorders mode", you can access all content, pages and options even in corresponding environments and can rely on the good protection of the well-known VPN.

Compared to many other providers, Surfshark VPN convinces with a good overall package. Thus, the fact that you can protect and use many individual devices without restriction is already a very big advantage. The manufacturer Surfshark also likes to refer to an independent audit, which once again clearly proves the security and comprehensive protection of your data. In conclusion, the program also allows so-called torrenting, i.e. downloading different files via the known services. The integrated ad blocker also very effectively prevents harmful or annoying ads when you are on the Internet with your various devices.

Buy cheap now - Surfshark VPN can be found directly at BestSoftware

Many experts recommend using a VPN to ward off numerous threats from the Internet. Therefore, do not wait any longer and do not take unnecessary risks by relying on the well-known and popular solution from Surfshark VPN. You are at the right place for the upcoming purchase, because in the BestSoftware online store you can get the runtime license at attractive conditions. Thus, you save money with a simple purchase from home. In addition, we convince you with a top customer service, because the comprehensive support of our customers is very important to us. For example, if you have any questions about activating the new software, we will help you. Simply send us a short e-mail with your request, call us or chat with a competent employee via live chat. We will support you until you can surf with Surfshark VPN safely and effectively protected in everyday life

System requirements - Surfshark VPN
Compatible platforms for PC

Windows , MacOS, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Linux

Compatible platforms for SmartTVs

Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, LG TV and Nividia Shield

Compatible palt shapes for smartphones & tablets

Android: Requires Android OS 5.0 or later
iOS: Version 10.3.3 (with 64-bit architecture) or later

Browser extensions

Google Chrome and Firefox

Compatible consoles

PlayStation 4
Xbox One, Series X and Series S

(for more detailed information, please contact the manufacturer)
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Accordingly, one should keep in mind that our earnings are far from being equal to those of the original owners. Rather, our focus is on satisfying our customers with the best possible price-performance ratio in order to gain their trust and to be able to enjoy a steadily growing clientele in the future. Thousands of customers have already been convinced by our quality - become one of them!


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