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Ashampoo Cinemagraph

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Product information "Ashampoo Cinemagraph"

Vivid images that catch the eye and fascinate

Cinemagraphs are the stars on every homepage and social media profile! Because cinemagraphs are more than just animated images. Since they are neither photos nor videos, they immediately attract attention. They turn your videos into vibrant photographs where certain elements or areas move in a miraculous way. These cinemagraphs can be created awkwardly with Photoshop, with complicated or expensive cinemagraph software- or in a few steps with Ashampoo Cinemagraph!

screenshot ashampoo cinemagraph example bridge

 Create impressive cinemagrams in the blink of an eye
 Fascinating results despite simple handling
 23 effects with six blending modes
 Rotate and crop with any aspect ratio
 Rounded corners for a special look
 Slow motion and fast motion with variable playback speed
 Easily add text
✔ All common video formats, codecs and resolutions supported
✔ Output as animated GIF or in numerous video formats
✔ Create and reuse user presets
✔ Output formats: Animated GIF, MP4 (h264), WMV, Motion JPEG, WebM, OGG, uncompressed AVI

As simple as image editing
All you need is a video and, of course, Ashampoo Cinemagraph. The video should be as non-shaky as possible, tripod shots are ideal. Let the video play in the program and simply mark with a brush those areas that should move. Size, hardness and opacity can be adjusted individually with sliders. We claim: With this program, simply anyone can create a fascinating cinemagraph!

screenshot ashampoo cinemagraph example city

More than an animation
The coexistence of moving and stationary areas inevitably draws the eye to the motif you want to bring to the foreground. Skillfully selected, multiple layers are visually created, resulting in highly effective vivid photos & looping videos! Although the basis is always videos, it seems to the viewers as if you bring photos to life. Also an atmospheric highlight for any video or slideshow!

Variable image art
You decide which areas to animate - and which areas to leave motionless. The resulting videos convey an extraordinary atmosphere and can capture a moment particularly well! The output is then as GIF or video as desired. You can also define details such as the size, quality and repetitions with just a few clicks. And if you want to work audiovisually, the soundtrack can of course be adopted.

screenshot ashampoo cinemagraph example field

Easily enhance videos for perfect cinemagraphs
An optimal source material belongs to every video production. Therefore, with Ashampoo Cinemagraph you can quickly and easily adjust the exposure and coloration. Improve the saturation of your videos, edit shadows and highlights in no time! Make the most of your videos via tonal corrections or white balance adjustments to make your cinemagraphs look even more intense!

Add text and effects
Cinemagrams often get their final touch by adding comments or special effects. Ashampoo Cinemagraph allows you to conveniently add texts or use 23 effects with six blending modes for completely different moods. The strength and blending of the filters are, of course, finely adjustable. Let your creativity run free and set accents where they impress the most!

Simply rotate, crop and time
This Cinemagraph software captures the perfect moment, properly shot and in the best format, of course. Therefore, you can rotate your videos smoothly, choose the right crop, and select the right aspect ratio. And since many things only look right in fast motion or slow motion, you can regulate the playback speed with one click. Your preferred settings can also be saved and imported again later!

Create moving images that inspire with our Cinemagraph software!
Create Cinemagraphs for free? No problem, you can use this Ashampoo product for 10 days without any restrictions, after a free registration even 20 additional days! A month full of fascinating Cinemagrams for free for you!


System requirements
Operating system
You need the 64-bit version of the following operating systems:
Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7
Software Windows Media Player 10
.NET Framework 4.0
Processor DVD-quality editing / production - dual-core processor with at least 2.4 GHz
HD quality editing / production Intel Core i5 / i7 or similar quad-core processors
Working memory (RAM)  DVD quality at least 2 GB free RAM
HD quality at least 4 GB free RAM
Ideal: 8 GB RAM or more
Graphics card DirectX 9, Pixelshader v2.0, Min. 128 MB RAM, Min. 1280 x 1024
Other Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is checked periodically.
Internet connection is required for some services.



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