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3D House Planner Software Home | Windows

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Product information "3D House Planner Software Home | Windows"

3D House Planner Software Home

Comprehensive 3D house planning software for home users. With our Home version you can model your living dreams professionally & without previous knowledge on your home computer!

  • Unlimited project size and number of projects
  • 3D building modeling.
  • Simultaneous work in 2D and 3D.
  • Visualizations with real-time shadows.
  • Modern CAD software for home users.


The dream of your own four walls begins with our 3D house planner software. Whether new construction or remodeling - our modern planning program offers all the important tools to start 3D modeling of your individual home dreams.
Use the provided tools to create appealing 3D models and let your imagination run wild. The exported 3D file is the perfect template to commission an architect on this basis.
Without any prior knowledge, our 3D planning software creates beautiful and realistic models of your building project. While a professional 3D CAD software for architects can quickly cost several thousand euros, our house planner in the home version already offers you all the features relevant to you:
 Get an overview of all the advantages of our 3D house planning software (Home Version) now!

The cost-effective 3D drawing software for private users

If you want to implement your individual plans for your own apartment or personal dream house privately on your home computer, you will make an excellent choice with the Home Version of our 3D house planner software.
Expensive CAD software for the creation of 3D models is not suitable for private users who just want to try it out. With our Home Version we have created the perfect compromise between functionality and cost. Get our versatile software with the ideal price-performance ratio now.
In addition to private builders, the planning software is also suitable for young people who might want to become architects one day and would like to have a taste of the world of house planning.

How to use our 3D architecture software

You do not need any previous knowledge to operate our cost-effective 3D architecture software. The particularly intuitively designed user interface gives you a free hand and is nevertheless very logically structured, so that you will already succeed with the first design.
To get to know our 3D house planner Home even better, you can watch the following video. Here we have used an exemplary project to show you step by step how to use the software correctly and achieve the desired results.

Overview & details of all functions of the 3D CAD software

The home version of our 3D house planner offers a variety of different features. We will take a detailed look at all the features below and show you which comprehensive tools you can use.


Intuitive user interface
If you are familiar with the Windows interface and can operate Office programs, you will find your way around our 3D house planner software particularly quickly. Our interface and the commands are very well structured and it is always the same procedures for different components.

Unlimited projects

You can save your projects in any place, it doesn't matter how many projects you draw, you have an unlimited number and the program always stays the same speed.
Automatic layer assignment


As a professional CAD, 3D House Planner has layer management. Besides creating new layers, there is an automatic assignment. Thus, the user does not need to worry about whether the wall or window is drawn on the correct layer.

Unrestricted input of floor plans to the millimeter

Floor plans can be created completely freely using our construction tools. There is neither a grid restriction nor a size restriction. From one room to a residential complex, anything is possible. As usual with professional CAD software, the input and output is accurate to the millimeter.
3D floor management

3D Floor Management Home

The user only needs to enter the 3rd dimension (height of walls, ceilings, floors) once  - in our floor management the floor height input is clear and very simple. The best is: if the heights of the floor change, then the heights of all affected components also change automatically.

Unlimited 3D components (can be changed or created by the user)

An extensive component catalog is available. But if that is not enough, you can define your own parts and save them in your own catalogs. Everything is very easy to do.

3D components:

Automatic floors and ceilings


as soon as the first walls enclose a room, the corresponding floor and ceiling are created. The thicknesses for these components can be defined in the floor settings. If the height changes, these components will be adjusted automatically.

Automatic rooms


If the walls enclose a room, then the room is immediately recognized and the m2 for the room area are available as info. As soon as a wall is moved, the rooms and also the m2 are updated.

Variable windows and doors


Our components windows and doors have a very large component catalog to offer. Each component can be changed and also permanently saved again. This allows the user to create his own components very easily.

Automatic stairs

Automatic Stairs Home

There is almost nothing that is not possible with stairs. All stair shapes can be designed and the nice thing about it is that the stairs are calculated automatically, so that the tread widths and the rise heights always get sensible values. Of course, the values can then still be changed and adjusted.

Automatic roofs

A 3D roof also at the push of a button? That is no problem in our 3D CAD software. The roof intersections are fully automatic and the roof can be changed at any time. Whether hipped roof, gable roof or complicated roof shapes, everything is possible. And of course, the walls intersect under the roof.

Planning aids:

Online dimensions

Online Measurements-Home

Our online dimensions are unique - simply click on a component such as a window or door in the design or in 3D and all the important dimensions appear. Simply move the mouse over it and when the pencil is displayed, click on it and change it.

Planning aids, such as coordinate tracker, auxiliary lines, grid, etc.

To make the planning of the walls in the floor plan successful, there are very good aids in the 3D house planner. With the coordinate tracker you can determine the direction of the wall with the mouse
and simply enter the length with the keyboard. Guides can of course also be set with spacing.

Editing functions

A wall or a window is to be moved later? Walls are to be shortened or lengthened? Or parts and objects are to be copied. Everything is possible with our extensive editing functions.

Texts and dimensions

Of course, dimensioning elements are available in the construction view. These can be designed and saved completely individually in terms of their appearance (text height and dimension lines).


Texts are of course available as individual texts and text blocks in the design view.

Catalogs and textures:

Extensive texture catalog

Extensive texture catalog-Home

Change surfaces inside and outside? Simply drag and drop the desired surface from the texture catalog into the planning. The CAD software automatically recognizes entire rooms or the exterior geometry of the house.

Extensive object catalog


Do you want to furnish the apartment or the house? Or maybe the garden or the surroundings need to be designed? Use our extensive object catalog for this from kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms to watering cans for the garden - very many objects are available.

3D mode / visualization:



View the house inside or outside in 3D is wonderful in our 3D representation. For a great visualization our fast shadow calculation in 3D mode helps.

Real-time shadows
Once the shadows are calculated, you can easily continue working on the project and the shadows remain on the model. This eliminates annoying calculation times and the model always keeps the shadow calculation even when switching to construction mode.

Output / Print:

Printing of the design is possible at any time
Floor plans and 3D views can be printed out at any time without any problems. Of course, the floor plan remains true to scale. The paper format can also be selected as desired.
For further functions see Version comparison
 The house planner - the solution for the successful implementation of your projects!


System requirements:

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows®10 ( 64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core 5i or higher
AMD Ryzen 5 or higher
RAM: 8 GB RAM or higher
Monitor: Full HD, e.g. 1920 x 1080 pixels or 4K
Graphics Card: Recommended: Nvidia GTX 1050ti or higher
Not recommended: Integrated on-board graphics cards
Normal running: All current graphics card models
Hard disk: 10 GB free hard disk capacity
Mouse: 3 button mouse with mouse wheel
Note for Mac users:
Compatibility of the software basically only to Windows®-based operating systems - use under MacOS® via "Boot Camp" possible.
Basically, the 3D CAD House Planner software versions can only be installed and used on Windows-based operating systems from Windows 7 (see system requirements). An installation and use of the software under MacOS® is therefore unfortunately not possible.
In the past, however, a large number of customers have installed our software via "Boot Camp" on a Mac and also used it to its full extent without any problems. Boot Camp" makes it possible to install an additional Windows operating system on the Mac with little effort, without removing the MacOS® operating system.


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