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Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Device

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Device 1 CAL

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Product information "Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Device"

Buy Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard Device CAL online and enable access for end devices

The professional database management system Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard from Microsoft contains countless functions for processing large data collections. The Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard Device CAL enables a specific end device to access a SQL server. With the Standard edition of SQL Server 2017, you get a powerful data management and business intelligence database that can be used by companies as well as departments to run programs. The development tools let you create applications for on-premises and the cloud in just a few steps. SQL Server 2017 's efficient database management can be used in a resource-efficient manner. Whether process analysis, merchandise management, financial accounting or customer data management, the possible areas of application are versatile. Compared to previous versions, Linux is now also supported.

Device CAL or User CAL: The right license for SQL Server

In addition to the license for SQL Server 2017 Standard, separate product keys are required for client devices and users. These keys are sold under the name CAL (= Client Access License). The User CAL authorizes a specific user to access the SQL Server. This user may well use different end devices for one access. If you buy a Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard Device CAL at a reasonable price from our store, you can assign a specific client device with an access right. Whether it is a PC, a smartphone or a notebook, the authorized device can be used by several people to access the SQL server. You can purchase Device CALs and User CALs online via our store in just a few steps, enabling full use of the professional database management system.

Buy Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard Device CAL and use graph tables

Compared to its predecessor, you can expect performance improvements as well as completely new database engine features. Among other things, automatic database optimization means an improvement in business operations, as it allows insight into query performance issues, suggests solutions, and ultimately can even fix problems identified fully automatically. When you purchase a Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard Device CAL online through our store, a specific client device can participate in the new graph database features. Sometimes m:n relationships can be modeled in a target-oriented and convenient way. The individual relationships between tables can be defined using graph tables. Since the choice of programming language and platform is free during program development, increased flexibility is provided.

For countless features: Buy Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard Device CAL online

Operational real-time analytics and buffer pool expansion for SSD are among the benefits of SQL Server 2017, while support for backup encryption and dynamic encryption for storage as well as transfer of data contribute significantly to increased security. SQL Server 2017 now offers chart data support and JSON support in addition to temporal tables. Better performance of the Database Optimization Advisor (DTA) is accompanied by new options to increase productivity. Integration Services (SSIS) has been enhanced with a Scale Out feature, which is a significant optimization of the database system in terms of high availability. The performance of the Master Data Services (MDS) has also been increased. Entities, collections and hierarchies can be viewed in sorted list form via the Explorer page of the web application. If you purchase Windows SQL Server 2017 Standard Device CALs at a reasonable price, you can also benefit from numerous new features in the areas of Reporting Services (SSRS) and Analysis Services (SSAS).
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