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SHARPEN Projects 2 | Windows

SHARPEN Projects 2 | Windows

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Product information "SHARPEN Projects 2 | Windows"

The ultimate sharpness | SHARPEN Projects 2

SHARPEN projects 2 is the guarantor for razor-sharp photos - regardless of whether the photo actually seems okay, the focus point is in the wrong place or the picture is blurred. Owners of high-resolution digital cameras in particular will benefit from the new sharpness algorithms. For these users in particular, sharpening is the most important step in image processing!


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Portraits: selective re-sharpening of mouth and eyes
  • Sports photography: correct motion blur
  • Correct camera shake at longer exposure times
  • Macros: Selectively bring out details
  • Skillfully sharpening telephoto shots
  • Perfectly sharpening enlargements for printing
  • Fantastic haze & fog correction
  • "Adaptive Multiscale Deconvolution" : the innovative shake correction with up to 100x detection range
  • "Adaptive Gradient Sharpening" - for perfect sharpness of landscapes, still lifes, macro shots and product photos
  • Latest generation scratch & sensor error correction

The technology of SHARPEN projects
Slight camera shake quickly blurs 20 to 30 pixels. This spoils a picture permanently! Thanks to the "Adaptive Multiscale Deconvolution" of SHARPEN projects, up to 100 pixels of ambient information are included, thus outperforming similar products by far. This is the only way to achieve the visual sharpness impression of the high-end class!

Double-mathematical accuracy in re-sharpening!

Black box was yesterday: SHARPEN projects shows you with mathematical accuracy when the perfect sharpness level is reached. New in version 2 is the differentiation into different quality modes.
While a blur analysis of a maximum of 100x100 pixels was previously state-of-the-art, we have now reached twice that number. Users of cameras with a high pixel density, i.e. high-end smartphones and DLSRs with a large sensor, will benefit most from this.

Particularly natural resharpening

Natural Grain Engine is the magic formula for particularly natural re-sharpening that preserves the natural impression you get when you take a photo. With this new technology, portraits that look like mannequins are a thing of the past.

Subject-specific presets
Presets, i.e. image presettings, make it easier to use the program, especially for users who do not resharpen their images every day. This results in optimal preparation of images in certain subject situations, e.g. macro photography, soft areas, contours, etc..

Special functions for macro photographers

Macro shots can't be sharp enough! Especially when it comes to the sharpness at the edge of the image, even some good lenses fail.

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7

Computer: Any computer that supports the operating systems listed above. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.


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