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Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15 | Windows

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Product information "Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15 | Windows"

Nuance Dragon Individual 15 buy cheap in our store

Save yourself time-consuming typing on the keyboard of your computer or notebook and let your voice do the work. With the software Nuance Dragon Individual 15 software makes this particularly easy. The manufacturer Nuance is one of the absolute market leaders in this special segment and provides with version 15 a comprehensively revised and further improved version for all customers. Whether upgrading from an older version or the first attempt with the modern speech recognition, the software Nuance Dragon Individual 15 you buy at Best Software particularly cheap and easy.

More productivity in everyday text entry

The goal of the Dragon software from the developer Nuance is to significantly improve productivity in the everyday life of users. The focus is on the voice of the user. Because instead of the classic keyboard or similar input devices, you use your voice for the entire use of the PC. Thanks to modern techniques and particularly high standards in this area, the possibilities with Nuance Dragon Individual 15 turn out to be much more comprehensive than often assumed. The program is suitable for office use and saves a lot of time as well as effort in the daily use of the computer. The manufacturer of the software promises a very high accuracy of up to 99 percent already during the first application. However, the recognition of Nuance Dragon Individual 15 gets even better with time. The software gets used to your voice over time, recognizing common expressions and phrases more and more accurately as the weeks of use go by, thus increasing productivity very significantly once again.

The technical possibilities are very good with Nuance Dragon Individual 15 and a suitable microphone. For example, you can achieve very high productivity by recognizing natural language. This means that Roman numerals, for example, are recognized with ease and displayed correctly. Reading out an email address is also even easier and more pleasant with the software. While reading, the program recognizes the "@" sign in the right place and inserts it directly for you. The time-consuming search for the right key combination or the formatting after the fact, which are familiar from many speech recognition programs, are not a problem in everyday life with Nuance Dragon Individual 15. At the same time, the software could hardly be easier to use. Even inexperienced users will certainly get along excellently and directly with the clear menus and a structured interface, so a comprehensive familiarization or even a long training is not necessary even when switching to the program. Incidentally, the software can be used with or without touch control, and the corresponding optimizations are directly on board.

Technical innovations improve the use of Nuance Dragon Individual 15

Over the years, the Nuance Dragon Individual 15 software has continued to learn and is now at an enormously high level. The variety of functions can hardly be compared with classic speech recognition from a smartphone. Not only the very high accuracy in recognizing your input, but also the continuous learning process are clear strengths of the program. The more often you use the software, the better it adjusts to your pronunciation, recognizes your commands more accurately and knows your commands. This is because, in addition to simple text input, the program can also be used for comprehensive actions on the computer. For example, with the help of appropriate automation you can easily send mass e-mails, start print jobs or save your files in several places at the same time. These options also save you an enormous amount of time in daily use and enable an improved workflow.

Office use in particular is not always a particularly quiet environment. That's why the developers of Nuance Dragon Individual 15 have paid attention to undisturbed work in appropriate noise environments. The results are impressive, because telephone ringing, noise from the printer or even conversations of colleagues right next to your workplace are not a problem and no longer affect the accuracy of speech input. The special and successful filtering of corresponding interferences makes it possible for you.

Rely on powerful Nuance software

Nuance Dragon Individual 15 is the optimal choice for office use, but with its broad portfolio of software solutions, the manufacturer provides many more options. Dragon Medical, for example, is a powerful variant for the medical sector. This significantly optimizes workflows in the practice or saves valuable time in the context of daily documentation.

In general, Nuance speech recognition is available for many different target groups. With Dragon Nuance Home for example, private users can also access and benefit from the comprehensive possibilities. Also in the area of financial services, with authorities or even in the retail trade the products of Nuance Naturally Speaking improve processes and save a lot of time.

Our tip: Nuance Naturally Speaking, the predecessor of Nuance Dragon, is especially recommended for private use. You can get the corresponding versions at Best Software, in our well-assorted offer we leave almost no wish unfulfilled. So take your time and have a look at the wide portfolio of the popular manufacturer Nuance.

Best Software convinces you with an attractive assortment

With our attractive assortment we are at your disposal in the Best Software Shop. So you can buy Nuance software from us very cheaply and easily in equal measure. But the possibilities for your purchase go far beyond Nuance Dragon Individual 15, also the other products and mentioned programs are available for you. In addition to the Professional version of the well-known and popular speech recognition software, you can also benefit, for example, from the more affordable entry-level "Home" solutions, which are a good choice especially for private customers. With these, you benefit from the powerful technology, operate your PC simply with your voice and still don't have to spend too much money. So access Best Software now and buy your exact desired software comfortably and safely from home. Of course, we will be happy to convince you with direct availability. Even after your purchase, you do not have to wait long for the license for the software from Nuance, but can directly start downloading and using the programs. We look forward to your purchase.


System requirements - Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15
Processor Intel® Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor - faster processors, better performance
Operating Systems   

Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7

RAM At least 2 - 4 GB RAM
Hard disk space  8 GB of free hard drive space for application files.
Screen At least 1024 * 768 pixels
Supported browsers

Internet Explorer 11 or higher or the latest version of Chrome

For more detailed information, please contact the manufacturer


With the final judgment of the Federal Court of 11.12.2014 with the file number: IZR 8/1 /3 we violate with our offer no rights of third parties & thus do not violate any principles, with the software is a single-user licensing from a volume contract takeover, a registration to an ID is therefore not possible. You can activate the product, use it without restrictions and also get the update to 15.3. However, higher updates and registration are not possible.

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