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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard

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Product information "Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard"


Get it now - buy the popular SQL Server 2016 Standard with all new features

Buy the popular SQL Server 2016 Standard now at a low price from BestSoftware and rely on the sophisticated solution for managing comprehensive databases. A well thought-out concept, the security of your data and an easy handling are in the center of attention. You can get the necessary licenses for use cheaply from us in the online store, so order the appropriate variants conveniently from us in the BestSoftware online store. Feel free to grab them, convince yourself of the attractive offer and start working immediately thanks to our particularly fast availability.


Simplify your work with databases thanks to effective features from SQL Server 2016 Standard

SQL Server 2016 Standard is a further development of its predecessor and thus still a powerful relational database management system. So anyone who repeatedly handles large amounts of data and attaches great importance to good availability and enormous security is very well advised to use the professional solution from the house of Microsoft is very well advised. The 2016 version is available in three main editions, which are offered under the names Enterprise, Express and Standard. The standard version is aimed at smaller companies that do not want to do without the performance and the enormous functions.


SQL Server 2016 Standard not only provides the necessary data and databases permanently and reliably, but also convinces with a very good level of security. The product inspires with many functions and encryption at the latest state of the art. So you definitely don't have to worry about unauthorized access to the server. However, the functions for a practical and effective work in itself are also important. The interface to cloud technology, which was already introduced in 2012, is of course still there, and the hybrid solutions can be used without any restrictions. This allows for extensive customization in the area of virtualization, so you always adapt SQL Server 2016 Standard to individual needs if desired and scale it with a view to the use in your company.


Use the core licensing of SQL Server 2016 Standard for your individual work

In 2012, Microsoft introduced revised licensing for SQL Server, and this system is used again for SQL Server 2016 Standard. With the Standard variant, however, you have the choice of opting for Core licensing or Server licensing along with the corresponding access licenses. Both variants can, of course, have both advantages and disadvantages. What is important is a basic review, even before the purchase, of how the product will be used on your company premises. Then you can select and purchase the appropriate license for your individual needs. Please note, however, that it is unfortunately not possible to subsequently change licenses that have already been purchased.


With core licensing of SQL Server 2016 Standard, the individual cores of the server are licensed. At first glance, this variant appears to be very expensive for many customers. However, you should note here that further access licenses are no longer necessary for use. You can start using the application directly and there are no limits either. So if you want to work with SQL Server 2016 Standard with many colleagues, different devices or under constantly changing conditions, you definitely make a very good choice with the so-called core licensing.


However, the alternative variant naturally also offers some advantages. Within the scope of server licensing with access licenses, you receive a need-based access option. First you buy the basic license, i.e. the server license. This is what allows you to run the program on your server in the first place. It is important to note, however, that this does not include access for you or your employees. Rather, the so-called CALs must be purchased additionally with this chosen variant. Here you can choose between the so-called User CALs and the Device CALs device CALs. The Device CALs allow a specified device to access SQL Server 2016 Standard and are, for example, a particularly favorable choice if access always takes place via a stationary computer in the company anyway. It is important to note, however, that mobile working or similar projects are not easily possible with these licenses. Employees are much more flexible with a User CAL. This is related to the individual user. This user can then use SQL Server 2016 Standard from any desired device, for example from a tablet or notebook. If you want to work with different technologies again and again, you should therefore opt for one of these variants if possible. When choosing, however, keep in mind that a license must then be purchased for each individual employee. Especially in large companies with many employees, this can quickly become very expensive.


Innovations and revisions - this is what you can expect in SQL Server 2016 Standard

The manufacturer Microsoft has once again significantly improved the SQL Server 2016 Standard in exactly the right places and continues to focus primarily on the everyday needs of users. For example, the focus is on the enormous amount of data that has to be moved again and again in large databases today as part of daily work. In this case, very high performance is important, and it is precisely this that the SQL Server 2016 Standard again brings with it Microsoft for example, has introduced the new in-memory OLTP module in the server and promises significantly better performance and better transfer of data. Up to 30 times faster applications and even up to 100 times faster data queries are supposed to be the result of the optimizations. Especially in the long run, this of course saves an enormous amount of time and effort.


However, it is also important to work in a secure environment. This is exactly what SQL Server 2016 Standard brings with it, once again, the right features and revised techniques, for example through improved encryption. If, on the other hand, it's about working in the cloud, there are continuous further developments and improvements in SQL Server 2016 Standard here as well. Count on even more seamless and better collaboration in a hybrid environment. Anyone who wants to collaborate with local hardware and the power of the cloud at the same time is definitely very well advised with SQL Server 2016 Standard. Further changes concern, for example, the visualization options from the server, with which you can always keep a much better eye on changes, progressions or the current status.


Always a good decision - buy SQL Server 2016 Standard licenses at BestSoftware

Buying SQL Server 2016 Standard licenses here at BestSoftware is always a good solution for you as a consumer. Because only with us you can expect many attractive, different benefits that you can individually take advantage of with a simple order. For example, you can rely on the particularly fast delivery, as we carry this out by e-mail. After your purchase, the licenses will therefore be at your disposal after a maximum of only 30 minutes and nothing will stand in the way of your extensive work with SQL Server 2016 Standard. You are also welcome to convince yourself of the competent, friendly service that is always there for you. Our employees will support you to the best of their ability if you have any questions about the products or if problems arise with the activation. Of course, many other products are waiting for you at BestSoftware on request, for example the direct predecessor of the SQL Server or newer variants. So if you wish just buy the SQL Server 2014 or the SQL Server 2017 and decide also here for the exactly suitable licenses.



System requirements - Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard
Platform Windows, Linux, Mac
Operating System Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4, SUSE Enterprise Linux Server v12 SP2, Ubuntu 16.04LTS, Docker Engine 1.8+
Processor x64 1.4 GHz CPU (minimum), x64 CPU 2.0 GHz or faster (recommended)
Memory 1 GB (minimum), 4 GB (recommended)
Hard disk space 6 GB (minimum)
Monitor Super VGA monitor with minimum resolution of 800 x 600 (higher resolution recommended)
(more detailed information is available from the manufacturer)
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