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Windows Server 2019 Essentials

Windows Server 2019 Essentials

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Product information "Windows Server 2019 Essentials"

Buy Windows Server 2019 Essentials online and manage networks comfortably

The Windows Server 2019 Essentials server operating system enables convenient management of networks as well as users and provides numerous functions for the security of your data. The Essentials edition is primarily aimed at small businesses with basic IT requirements that only have a small or no IT department of their own. Unlike the Standard and Datacenter edition s, licensing is based on the number of CPUs available. The limit is 2 processors. When you buy Windows Server 2019 Essentials at a low price, you get a single license that is suitable for up to 25 users and 50 devices. No separate user licenses (Client Access Licenses, CALs) are required for the users. It should be noted that the Essentials server must be a domain controller and therefore only one Essentials server can be operated per company. With this in mind, this edition is primarily suitable for companies with a maximum of 25 employees, each accessing the server with an average of 2 client devices. The Essentials edition does not include virtualization rights. The server operating system allows a virtual or physical installation. You can also buy Windows Server 2019 Standard as well as Windows Server 2019 Datacenter at a low price via our store and thus get comprehensive virtualization rights. In addition, these editions can also be used for a larger company structure. You can purchase the required User CALs and Device CALs at a low price via our Store.

For high security standards: Buy Windows Server 2019 Essentials online

The functionalities AD Lightweight Directory Services, DHCP Server, Hyper-V and Network Policy and Access Services are available without restrictions. With the server operating system, a company's employees can effortlessly store, manage and share data with colleagues. Accessing different programs can be done with just a few steps. Compared to previous versions, you can expect Windows Subsystem for Linux support. This convenient compatibility layer allows Linux programs to run. Kubernetes support is among the other benefits of the 2019 version of the server operating system. Full support for IPv6 is among the features of Windows Server 2019 Essentials, equipping your server with the latest Internet communication standards. It also meets the latest security standards to ensure that your data is optimally protected.

Buy Windows Server 2019 Essentials online and benefit from innovations

In terms of Remote Desktop Services 2019 for remote access, the Essentials edition only has the RD Gateway role service installed and configured. Other Remote Desktop Services role services, including RD Session Host, are not supported. However, two simultaneous administrative connections are possible. If you purchase Windows Server 2019 Essentials at a reasonable price, you'll benefit from a number of new features. Support for Azure Active Directory via Aad Connect opens up new possibilities. Compared to Windows Server 2016 Essentials , some improvements have been made in the areas of application innovation, hybrid scenarios and hyper-converged infrastructure.

The effective hardware support of Windows Server 2019 Essentials

The Essentials edition includes support for new hardware and some improvements to storage migration services and system information. The Windows Admin Center opens up modern server management. The optimized tools help identify errors and thus contribute to increasing system stability. The server operating system can be used to run an application server. The possible backup of client device data on the server prevents unwanted data loss. The server operating system is the ideal solution for small businesses and organizations.

System Requirements - Windows Server 2019 Essentials
Processor 1.4 GHz 64-bit EMT64 or AMD64, quad-core recommended
Memory 512 MB ECC supported memory modules and 800 MB for VM installations
Hard disk space for the core 32 GB, for the GUI additional 4 GB
Disk Controller PCI Express Compliant Disk Controller
(more detailed information is available from the manufacturer)



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