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Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N

Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N

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Product information "Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N"

Buy Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N - use the practical system in professional everyday life

If you want to rely on the modern technologies in the professional segment and benefit from the new operating system from Microsoft , Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N is the optimal choice for you. The new system has been available since October 2021 and can be used as a practical upgrade from Windows 10, among other things. Moreover, Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N is especially suitable for regular use in a professional environment and under high demands. Graphic designers, employees from the media sector or yet the regular work with large, high-resolution videos, due to the very high performance and the corresponding stability, Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N provides the optimal conditions for daily work. Buy your license now with us and benefit from attractive advantages at BestSoftware.

The new Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N convinces with many revised techniques and functions

Many revised and new functions in Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N ensure effective work and efficient use in everyday life. Benefit from these tools and the revised possibilities by purchasing your license for Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N from us now.

For example, Microsoft is working on multitasking and is significantly improving the possibilities in this area. For example, if you always have several windows or programs open in everyday life, you will always keep an overview with Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N and the new Snap function. With this tool, you can arrange up to four windows on the screen next to each other or even on top of each other. The use of this practical function is very simply solved and after a few attempts it will certainly already have become part of everyday life. Simply move the mouse pointer over the icon maximization window and a corresponding menu will open. Then select the desired arrangement and Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N will take over this wish.

Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N is also very well advised for virtual desktops or the use of external monitors. For example, you can ensure unique use by setting an individual background for the individual virtual workstations. Use the feature to create a virtual desktop for all different areas. In addition, the operating system from Microsoft now remembers the arrangement of the windows on an external monitor. If, for example, you disconnect the notebook from a monitor and reconnect it after a few minutes, Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N will display the windows as usual and does not require a new sorting. So you can continue your work as if it had never been interrupted.

Microsoft has also redesigned the Clock app in Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N. With significantly more functions and new features, the redesign ensures more efficiency and productivity in everyday life. For example, you can now use the option to set fixed working times and profiles. During these set times, Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N hides unimportant notifications and thus helps you to focus on the actual work. In addition, Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N brings the new widgets to the system. These small programs were already used in Windows Vista a few years ago and are now back on board. With these, you save yourself the constant look at the smartphone and still keep the current weather, news or stock prices in focus. Of course, the widgets offer you optimal, comprehensive possibilities for customization. For example, adjust the size in just a few steps and adapt them to your needs.

Further revisions to the current Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N can be found, for example, in the new Windows Store, which is supposed to provide significantly more programs and options. This also applies by opening the store for Windows32 applications. One or the other user will certainly also notice a new installation routine. This now looks simpler and should also bring improved performance. The new system can be installed in just a few steps and within a few minutes. Please note, however, that all options related to data exchange or tracking are still active by default. So, switch them off after the installation if you do not agree to them. This can be done easily with the corresponding buttons during the initial setup.

A practical overview of the special features of Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N

Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N is a special version. On the one hand, the operating system is of course especially suitable for professional users, but on the other hand, the abbreviation "N" already reveals a special feature. This stands for "Not with media player" and describes a special version of the operating system, which has been available since 2004 after an order from the EU Commission. This is because the EU Commission requires a corresponding version to be offered to customers. Microsoft thus removes the media player and the corresponding codecs from the system in Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N, so that the music app is also not available. However, the other functions are all available, so the difference is primarily due to the lack of the media player.

In addition, the Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N software comes with other features and functions, which are a good choice especially for professional users. These mainly relate to the stability and management of the popular system. For example, use Hyper-V for virtualization on a large scale, rely on the Resilient File System for more security of your personal data, or rely on the Persistent Memory or SMB Direct services for extensive use of Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N in everyday life.

The attractive and redesigned Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N will help you find your way around right away

Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N does not only focus on new features and revised technologies, but also on a fresh design. Microsoft has made every effort to create an attractive appearance. Many basic aspects are of course still based on the predecessor Windows 10, but there are also many innovations. For example, you can use the new taskbar, where the pinned and open programs and the Start menu icon are in the center. At the same time, Microsoft significantly revises the Start menu, gives it an attractive look and removes the live tiles that were previously in use. Of course, you have the option to undo the changes and set the taskbar so that the content is once again on the left side of the screen. Softer colors and rounded corners as well as edges are also noticeable and make for an attractive impression in Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N.

A new feature is the Black Mode, which Microsoft makes available with Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N. If you activate it, the relevant content is displayed in a dark color. The manufacturer promises a better overview and a high contrast with the new Dark Mode, so that you can grasp all important information at a glance.

Take advantage of many benefits - buy Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N directly from BestSoftware

If you are looking for a way to purchase the license for Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N cheaply and easily, you have come to the right place. At BestSoftware, you will receive the key for permanent activation and unlimited time usage immediately via email. 30 minutes pass after purchasing from us before the key can be found in your mailbox. If you have any problems with the activation or usage, this is not a problem. Contact our experts and use our contact form, live chat or hotline for this purpose. In addition, you can get other licenses at BestSoftware, including for Windows 11 Pro for Workstation in the classic version, Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Home N as well as Windows 11 Home. You can even get the predecessor here in our store, so feel free to use Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.

System requirements - Windows 11 Pro for Workstation N
Processor 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or SoC
Hard disk space

64 GB

Graphics Card Compatible with DirectX 12 or higher with WDDM 2.0 driver
Screen resolution High resolution screen (720p) with a diagonal of more than 9 inches and 8 bits per color channel
(for more detailed information, please contact the manufacturer)


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