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Windows 10 Home N

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Product information "Windows 10 Home N"

Buy Windows 10 Home N - you can get the modern system cheap here at BestSoftware

With Windows 10 Home N, the well-known manufacturer Microsoft presents an operating system in a very special form. With marginal differences, which mainly relate to software components, the system is used in many environments and enables effective work in principle. In our BestSoftware online store, you can get your license for Windows 10 Home N at particularly favorable conditions and at the same time benefit from a direct download and a fast delivery of the key via email. So feel free to grab it now and buy your key from us, we look forward to your easy and affordable order in the online store.

Many features, practical tools for effective work with Windows 10 Home N

Windows 10 Home N is suitable for productive work, effective gaming or safe surfing on the Internet and is primarily aimed at home users. The operating system also supports powerful hardware components and brings diverse on-board tools for extensive use. Among other things, you can rely on the new web browser Microsoft Edge, which is available in the latest version. A big and significant change is evident here. This browser is now based on the Chromium technology and thus already differs significantly from the previously used Internet Explorer. Edge promises a very good performance, support for all common features and of course an enormously broad selection of the necessary extensions for a good and individual browsing experience.

The other on-board tools of Windows 10 Home N also leave virtually nothing to be desired if you want to rely on the corresponding system. For example, Windows Defender is a practical security solution that can provide good protection against everyday threats. Together with Windows Firewall, the program keeps an eye on the activities on the computer and immediately detects threats, potential dangers or attacks. With regular updates, which also apply to Windows Defender, you are always up to date when using Windows 10 Home N and also have virtually no need to worry about current threats.

With the help of a Microsoft account, you can use many more features and possibilities in Windows 10 Home N. Log in with it to enable automatic synchronization of important data between multiple devices, for example. This way, you can find your browsing history or saved passwords directly on your other computers. With the help of the corresponding function, you can increase your productivity quite significantly. The Windows Store is also practical. It provides you with many free or paid programs that you can download to your home computer with just a few clicks. You can find many common variants here, which can also be easily purchased if necessary. A Microsoft account is also required to use the store.

With Windows Hello, the developer Microsoft has also added a new feature that makes the login process much easier for you in everyday life. For example, use your fingerprint or facial recognition so that you can log in and unlock your user account within a short time. An appropriate hardware is of course necessary for this purpose.

Visually, Windows 10 Home N has also changed quite a bit compared to the rather unloved predecessor Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The newer version is at least basically based on the tried-and-true and provides you with a classic Start menu for launching apps or operating basic features, for example. This can also be customized and changed individually. The so-called Dark Mode is also included, with which the common windows, frames and contents are displayed in a high-contrast black. This mode can be activated or deactivated individually and easily, so you can use Windows 10 Home N with the classic look or the new Dark Mode depending on your taste.

In conclusion, it is also the small improvements that make Windows 10 Home N a good choice for everyday work. For example, you can rely on an extended gesture control that allows you to intuitively operate the software. Furthermore, you can now set the WLAN interface to automatically turn on again after deactivation and connect to the desired network in just a few steps. Additionally, Windows 10 Home N brings a function for automatic or dynamic locking. The principle is quite simple: If you remove yourself from your PC, the system locks itself automatically. Especially in the professional field, this can significantly increase security and effectiveness during work. Incidentally, this function is technically based on the Bluetooth interface of your smartphone. If you take it with you when you leave the workplace, the Bluetooth connection is interrupted and the computer locks itself after about 30 seconds. Unauthorized users thus no longer have access to the features and files on the computer.  

Important differences between Windows 10 Home N and Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home N is basically the classic version of the operating system, most features and functions are available to you, and the operation does not differ from the normal version either. Nevertheless, one important detail is missing: The Windows Media Player is missing from Windows 10 Home N. With this special version, the manufacturer Microsoft follows the requirements of the EU Commission. This is because the company has been obliged to also offer a version of the system without Media Player since 2004. First and foremost, you cannot use the desired media player for playing videos or music or burn CDs as well as DVDs with it. However, due to the lack of corresponding codes and components, the effects with Windows 10 Home N do go beyond Windows Media Player. The Windows Movie Maker or the Windows Media Center are therefore also not available ex-factory with the Windows 10 Home N license. The difference is also noticeable when using the camera app, since it cannot be started ex-factory either.

Tip: How to use the media player and other features with Windows 10 Home N

Although Windows 10 Home N can of course be used without the media player without any problems or major restrictions, the simple and plain concept is very popular with many users. Accordingly, there is often a desire to use the software with Windows 10 Home N. With corresponding packs and downloads, you have the option of installing and using the media player and the codecs used for the use of all features even afterwards. You can find the corresponding downloads and files directly from the manufacturer Microsoft, among others, so use the simple options for a quick upgrade.

By the way: A direct upgrade to the classic version of Windows 10 Home is not possible. The core of the variants is too different for that. So, if you want to switch from Windows 10 Home N to Windows 10 Home, you have to completely reinstall the system. Of course, you can also get your key for the permanent activation and use of Windows 10 Home here with us, if you want to benefit from the extended possibilities. So make a cheap purchase of the version you want, we look forward to your purchase.

We recommend you to make a cheap purchase of Windows 10 Home N directly from BestSoftware now

With an easy and cheap purchase around the license for Windows 10 Home N, we here at BestSoftware are at your disposal. Take a look at the attractive offers now and receive the key by email within a maximum of 30 minutes after your purchase. Thus, you do not have to wait for a long time until the successful activation of your software, but you can start using it directly. We will be happy to help you with the activation or if you have any questions about the product. Use our contact options by phone, by e-mail or by live chat for especially fast help. Other Microsoft products are also available to you for free, for example, this applies to Office 2021, for the classic Windows 10 Home or for Windows 10 Pro N. So grab the version you want and buy your favorite here with us in just a few steps.


System requirements - Windows 10 Home N
Processor or SoC with at least 1 GHz
Operating systems    Windows 10 Home N
Memory 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard disk space 16 GB for 32-bit operating system or 20 GB for 64-bit operating system
Graphics card DirectX 9 or higher with WDDM 1.0 driver
(for more detailed information, please contact the manufacturer)

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